Friday, July 29, 2011

Home Inspection

We had our home inspector come in yesterday.  HVAC, plumbing, gas, electric, and Guardian are all complete and they were just finishing up the sealing process with the caulking and spray foam when we arrived.  The inspection went very well...we have a punch list of about 30 items that needs to get attended too.  A huge majority of those were related to the siding trim work and the house trim work.  While the siding looks really good, the siding trim work needs some work.  The attention to detail was not good at all...mitered corners not mitered, j-channels too long or not seating properly.  The house trim work that was done the last couple of days wasn't done that well at all either...the good thing about all of that is it is easily fixed.  We had about 5 or 6 warped studs that will need fixing before drywall.  We have asked that a few areas be reviewed for the need for squash pair looks like they are not in the right place.

I don't know for sure if this is a problem or not.  They used hard plumbing for the gas line almost all the way to the fire place, but the last few feet they used what is called CSST is very flexible which makes it easy to route through walls and around corners.  Our inspector pointed out that it is supposed to be grounded in case of a lightening strick, but the ground appeared to run back only as far as the furnace instead of all the way back to the main electrical service panel.  From what I have read it is advisable to run it all the way to the service panel.  That was really the only major item, the rest were what I would call "cosmetic".  My wife and I found 2 areas with a very squeaky floor and our inspector showed us that it appears like the joist bracket beneath was not quite right...he said it was easily fixed with a shim.  We also had 1 window that would not go up and down without quite a bit of effort.  He also told us to expect to have problems with the windows on the front of the house where they are surrounded with brick.  He said typically brick expands with age and the house shrinks causing windows to have problems....hmmmm...we will see.

Our PM was not able to be there with us for the walk thru with the inspector so we left the report with our sales rep and I also summarized the more concerning items in an email and sent that off last night.

I will say that everything looks fantastic and is moving right along.  Insulation was to start today and drywall will begin next week.  When they were sealing the house they put a small bead of clear silicone along the top plate of each wall where the top of the drywall will sit...does anyone know what that is for?

After the inspector left we spent another couple of hours video taping every room, every wall, every electrical, plumbing, Guardian, and HVAC item that is in the wall so we have a permanent record of where everything is inside of each wall.

Here are some random pictures from this past week:

 It's starting to look like the picture above.


  1. looking great! I'm building an NV home - sister company to Ryan in PA. I had an inspector come also - very good idea. my pm addressed the punch list but sometimes you just have to keep on top of them. good luck!

  2. Looking good great idea with the video I will be doing that 100%

  3. BD's big beluga!! LOL It's is huge and lovely, BD!!

    I'm glad things were caught and will be fixed, instead of slipping through the cracks. Let us know about that grounding thing and the windows.

    It looks great. And between the custom options ya'll have, and how big the house is, it sounds as if over all, the inspection went pretty well.

  4. I am convinced now that BD stands for Big Domain...That house looks HUGE-MONGOUS and it is gorgeous! Our Avalon model home is up and open. I plan to go in and get some pictures for you pretty soon.

  5. Thanks everyone. I am sure the items will be addressed. I agree with Noey...for as big as it is there were not that many items...if it wasn't for the trim issues the list would have been very very small. Carlito...I look forward to seeing the pictures of the Avalon.

  6. For a house that big, having mostly only cosmetic things wrong is an excellent result. But, um, what are J-channels and squash blocks?! I'm jealous of your carriage style garage door, and the brick wrap around the side. It just looks fanstastic.

  7. J-channels are the trim pieces where the main siding meets a door or a window or the brick. It attaches to the wall and the cut edges of the siding slip inside. Gives it a nice finished look...assuming they take the time to cut and measure it properly. Not sure I can give a good definition of a squash block, but here's my understanding...when you have a load bearing wall sitting on the floor above, you need to add squash blocks to help carry and spread the load so the floor joist below is not carrying that load...if I am wrong or someone else can chime in with a better definition feel free to jump in.

    Both the carriage style garage doors and the brick water table are community requirements.

  8. That sure is one big ole house!!!!!! I love it!

    Everything is looking fantastic. I can see some of the siding issues...
    Everytime I see updated progress on your home I am in awe! I know you & wifey are going to love this home and love to entertain in it.

    Can't wait to see more and hope all of the issues are easily fixable!

  9. It is so amazing to see how fast they are putting your house up. We love reading your blog and everything looks awesome. We love how knowledgeable you are and wish you were here beside us to give us some advice. Great pics...the house is soooooo big. Your house is definitely the "mac daddy" of the RH e-community.

  10. @HW...I am blushing...your beautiful home is not so little either. While I know some things from being a home owner for almost 27 years now, the rest of it I am learning on the fly by asking questions and digging up information on the internet...while this will be our 3rd home it will be the 1st one we have built.

    @Chelly...THANKS...don't believe any of the issues are not easily fixable, BUT they need to get busy with them.

  11. Hi! Curious if RH insulated your basement walls? We have an Avalon with a basement under construction and are having our pre-drywall meeting this week. We are debating adding insulation to our basement walls if RH doesn't do it. Your thoughts?

  12. Hi Cathy....It's certainly been a while since we did any updates to the blog. Glad to hear someone building an Avalon is finding useful information. To answer your question there were two types of insulation used in our basement. The majority of our basement is finished and all walls of the finished area are fully insulated like the rest of the house. In the unfinished area walls are covered with a blanket type of insulation.

  13. Cathy....forgot to also mention that if you have any additional questions feel free to ask.

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