Wednesday, July 20, 2011

No Room at the Inn

Our meeting with our PM and the electrician was scheduled for 9am.  We pulled up right on time, but there was no place to room on the room in the gravel area...heck, not even any room in the yard.  Everyone and I mean Everyone was there all at the same time.  The Electricians, Plumbers, Brick Layers, Siding Installers, Concrete guys, Garage Door installers, our PM, and US!!!  Everywhere you went there was work going on and somehow everyone was not running into each other, but instead all putting a coordinated effort into building us a lovely home...siding guys working with brick guys...HVAC guys working with Electricians to get recessed lighting in the right places and still leave room for HVAC duct work to squeeze buy...coordinated conversations and discussions to get things just right while keeping in mind what the final product will look like to us.

The Electrician did an excellent job getting everything where we wanted it...had a couple of items he wasn't sure about but they were in place before we left and he came and got us to double check his placement.  He and our PM had obviously put a bunch of time in planning and laying out the bar area...we loved their ideas!!!  Just as we finished up going over all the electric, the guy from Guardian arrived, not our sales guy, he was on vacation, but a division manager out of Pittsburg came down to little ole Delaware to do the walkthru with us.  He was excellent and had knowledgeable suggestions and ideas on placements for everything from speakers to motion detectors. 

We had to eliminate recessed lights in our 2 hall closets because code doesn't allow that plus our electrician said it would be overkill to have 2 recessed lights in our bar area since we already have 3 pendant lights that left us with 4 recessed lights to figure out...we added 2 eyeball lights above the fireplace in the family room, 2 recessed lights in our sitting room, and 2 recessed lights to the exercise room.  We added another motion detector for the security system.  We discovered that our sunroom will have a vaulted ceiling(awesome), we have so much electric that we will end up with 2 panels instead of one, which is good since it will leave room for expansion, our PM is going to do some custom work to blend the bar in with a support column, our attic access will be in the walkin closet of bedroom #3 AND it will have pull down stairs. 

All in all a very productive meeting which took 4 hours...yes...4 hours, but worth every minute of it.


  1. Hold the presses!!! Did you just say "expansion"?

  2. @Noey814 - we were thinking the same thing. What possiblity could be added to this house?

    @BD - Great progress and it sounds like you are on top of everything. We wish they could put the attic access in the closet; however, it is our understanding that it is against code in our area.

    So you had a visitor from Pittsburgh...glad to hear that one of our own was able to assist you in the building of your house. We hope he was able to assist you with all of your needs.

  3. Wow that was one good visit! I mean everyone was there! I mean geez why didn't I get invited to the party!? Lol

    I agree with HW & Noey, what else you gonna get? Huh, huh! Lol

  4. Your house is somewhat bigger than ours is going to be, but I envisage having similar electrical requirements because I'm having outlets put in all sorts of extra places. For example, we have a window on the second floor above the front door, so I'm having them put an outlet just beneath it with a switch by the front door so I can put some sort of Christmas decoration in it. I've also requested a pair of outlets for our foyer closet because we plan to hide our cable modem and router in there (which meant running a cable TV outlet in there too). It's stuff like this that makes me glad we chose to build a new home.

  5. Sounds like a productive day!! And ditto about the expansion part, I can't even fathom what you could possibly add!

  6. Wow sounds like a busy bee hive! Gosh it all sounds so exciting. Glad to see that you are still getting more and more delightful little suprises as the progress moves on. I could feel the excitement by reading your post!

  7. Thanks everyone and yes, it seems like everytime we visit(which is often) we get nice little surprises.

    Ok...Ok...Ok...since everyone want's to know what we could possible add that would require additional electric. There are a couple of additional items, but I won't let the cat out of the bag about all of to save some surprises for all of that said, one addition will be a hot tub a having Ryan Homes have to add a second panel will make adding the electric for the hot tub a lot less expensive.