Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tons of Work!!!

Since our last post the framers have finished the remainder of the interior framing and a bunch of the little exterior framing/trim detail work, basement stairs installed, removed all the support posts from inside, and cleaned everything up.  HVAC duct work was dropped off over the weekend, scaffolding was put up on the exterior.  We have our meeting with the electrician tomorrow morning to go over some custom details and we stopped down tonight to take some measurements and make sure we had things clear in our heads.  All kinds of worker bees there today...Brick has started going up, siding was delivered today and installation has started and will probably finish tomorrow, HVAC duct work has started in the basement (holes cut for vents in each of the rooms), holes cut for most of the plumbing runs, and the electrician has almost all the outlet and switch boxes in place as well as all of the ceiling fan rough ins.
First Picture of Framed house in the daylight!
 Bay window in living room
 Stairs through the front door
 Morning room with breakfast bar
 Basement fireplace
 Length of Basement towards walkout
 Siding - PlyGem Variform - Victoria Harbor - Georgian Gray
 Bay window, scaffolding, and Brick
 Brick work closeup


  1. Wowzers!!! They really have been getting down and dirty over there! Everything is coming out beautifully... I can't believe so much has happened so fast. I am loving watching this big boy get built! Enjoy the process because soon enough it will be time to close! I'm excited I will be putting up my count down next week!

  2. That sure is a monster basement you've got there. Ours will be fairly large too because it will extend under our optional morning room. I'm envious that you will be able to walk out of yours. We'll only have an egress window in ours.

  3. Holy crap, we think you are going to pass us right up. The house looks amazing. I can't believe how much your worker bees have accomplished since your last post.

    They just started our brick on Monday and we have not received the siding yet. It looks like you may win the race.

  4. Good gravy goodness! Busy busy busy! I can't believe brick and siding are going up already! And it does look like we could play soccer in that basement! It's huge!

    BD, it looks amazing!!!

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