Thursday, November 3, 2011

Quick Update - No new pics yet - soon

Busy....busy...busy...I could leave it at that and those that have closed already would understand, but I will try and update everyone on what's been going on.

Flooring people came in and cleaned up all the excess grout except for 2 tiles...we have begun sealing the grout...more on that later.

We just had our 30-Day walk thru and the list is very very long (71 line items) not counting painting touch-ups and the hardwood dings and cracks.  The large majority of these were on the list from our walk thru at settlement...we have probably added less then 12 to the list since moving in.  As I mentioned before the hardwoods look fantastic, but the cracks have us very concerned...our PM has never seen so many and is going to have the flooring company manager come to take a look at it before deciding what to do...not sure if it is just a bad batch or an installation problem, but for now our beautiful floors have blue tape all over them and it is keeping us from putting down some oriental rugs as well as putting other things away in the china cabinet and buffet since we may have to move them and they are already quite heavy pieces of furniture when empty.  Anyway, our PM agreed with us on all the items on our list and we should begin to see work on them in the next couple's going to be a scheduling nightmare though.

We have a company putting in our shrubs, irrigation system, hardscaping, and accent lighting, but it has been taking forever...not one of those items is totally complete and they have been working on it for at least 4 weeks...everything is about 95-98% complete but nothing totally finished...supposedly it is ALL going to be finished today...we will see....I must say it all looks great, just not DONE and now that we are into November and the temperatures have dropped we might as well forget about trying to do anything with the grass till spring...grrrrrrr.

Our fence was put in this week and looks fantastic.  Our 2 dogs are loving the fact that they don't have to go outside on a lead any more and can chase each other around like normal.

For those of you that have to seal your grout our PM told us about this product:  Tile Guard - One Step Grout Sealer - we got it from Lowe's - it is just spray it on the grout and any overspray or excess evaporates away - be careful - they have an identical product that is water-based - it does not evaporate and you have to wipe up the excess by hand.  This one the majority evaporates by itself and usually you will have one or two spots that you need to wipe up by hand if they haven't evaporated in an hour.  It goes extremely fast...I did our entire master bath in less then 30 minutes.  My other caution is if you have asthma you should probably NOT use this product.

As I mentioned in the last blog entry we have ordered our blinds and if all goes well they should start coming in next week and will get installed as they arrive...a few of them will take about 4 weeks to come in.  They were nice enough to hang a temporary one in the master bath so we are able to now use the shower and tub...can I just say that the Shower Spa (human car wash) is awesome and we both have used the jetted tub quite frequently...they both have been great for the sore backs that come along with the moving process and very very relaxing. 

Will try and post some pictures if I get a chance...maybe they will actually finish the outside work and I can get some pictures even though the grass looks horrible...that's all for now....

Happy HOME Building!!!!