Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Update with Some Pictures

It's hard to believe we have been in our new home for almost 3 weeks.  We finally got the Verizon installation today...YIPPIE...but tonight I discovered that the hardwired Ethernet ports do not appear to be working.  Verizon wireless router is working fine and any computer connected wirelessly or directly to that router is working...oh well...that will have to wait for another day...

Irrigation(sprinkler) system installation is just about complete.  We will end up with 14 zones for now.  Today they were working on taking 2 of our gutters and running them into a pipe that runs underground, under the sidewalk, into a pop-up drain by the street.  This will get the water coming off the 2 largest areas of the roof away from the house foundation, shrub beds, and driveway(ie no frozen driveway).  They also started work on the landscape/accent lighting today and when that is complete they will start the installation of our shrubs and trees.  This is not RH work but a company called Lawn Quenchers is doing the work...will take pictures when it looks pretty...right now it looks like a bomb went off in our yard.  We have approval to install our fence and are waiting for the materials to come in and that can get started.  Our 2 dogs will love it when the fence is finally in...they do not like being out on the leads at all.

We are slowing getting boxes unpacked and put away.  8 of 9 ceiling fans have been installed.  Blinds for all the windows have been ordered and should begin arriving in the next couple of weeks.  Thankfully the order includes installation...otherwise, by my rough estimate it would have been in the neighborhood of 26 hours of installation...whew!!!  A few of the rooms are just about done and I have included some pictures below.

Our dishwasher is working great, but has a bent wheel...GE service said they were sending a complete new bottom rack, but what arrived was one set of the folding tines...oh well...try again.

We are not too happy with the hardwood floor installation.  We have numerous dings and cracks all over the place...most in the foyer and dining room.  The areas with tile floors have numerous grout smears on the tiles and we have not been able to get them off and don't want to seal the grout till this is removed.  Contacted PM who agreed that these should be cleaned up....flooring people will come in...not sure when yet.

Here's the Pictures:
 SunRoom with the boys checking out the workers
 SunRoom with the beautiful Sunrises we are treated to each morning

 Basement Media Area - still working on getting everything setup right
 Pub Table area - granite lazy susan is MIA from movers - they are looking for it - waiting to hear the resolution
 Basement Fireplace with 2 love seats and an ottoman - don't mind the speaker cables running across the floor - as I said, the media area is still a work in progress
 Fireplace - Bucks County Ledgestone - the stone mantel looks fantastic
 Sitting Room off Master Bedroom
 Master Bedroom - notice the two dog begs - yeah right - they don't sleep there very often - right in the bed with us!!!
 New bed - still deciding on lampshades and lamps might even change
 Master Bedroom dresser and chair
 Bedroom #2
 Bathroom #2
 Bedroom #4
 Bedroom #3 - LOL - this is just temporary till the furniture comes from our old house - it is being used for staging - until that time the inflatable mattress will do

 And Finally - Our Lion King photo - another beautiful sunrise

Take care and happy building.