Friday, July 8, 2011

Framing Continues - 2nd Floor

For some reason they did not do any work on the house on Wednesday, but in mind that's okay.  Our PM called today and said that the framing foreman had told him last Friday that he had a personal event last Saturday so they wouldn't be able to work, but not to worry, they would work Sunday and Monday to make up for it.  Our PM told them that was not necessary and to enjoy the holiday...they worked anyway, so if they wanted to take Wednesday off...go for it...btw...we got there around 8pm and they were still hard at work...we watched them put of 3 more walls and then call it quits around 8:30pm...all the while there was lightening flashing in the distance.

Our PM said they would be finishing 2nd floor tomorrow, and working on getting the trusses up...not sure that is going to happen...we are supposed to get storms tomorrow.  He said they will start HVAC and Plumbing next week and we meet with him and the Electrician next Friday to go over everything in detail and his goal is to have us under roof by the end of next week.

I have sent him 2 emails with pictures of things wrong and/or problems and he has responded back quickly with answers and/or acknowledgement of the problems.  He told my wife that we should keep them coming and that he welcomes another set of eyes...especially with 4 houses under construction now.  He said he is very excited about building our house and making it perfect and that when it is finished he will personally stop back a few times to make sure the bar in the basement is working perfectly.

Here's a quick synopsis of a couple of the issues:
2 of the metal support posts in the basement that are supporting the steel beams are not plum (Noey - you are not the only one).  He said that was definitely not correct.  He said his concrete guy will be there tomorrow and they are angled because the hole in the basement floor for each wasn't quite in the right they will cut out the basement floor where it needs to be, re-pour the footer for the post if needed, square up (plum) the post, and fix any basement floor that needs fixing.  For me...that was the big one.
On one of the outside corners it looks like someone was driving a nail and missed and hit the foundation instead and took out a big chunk of the foundation right on the corner exposing the 2 sill plate straps and the sill plate is cracked.  He was heading over to look at it right after getting off the phone and would add it to his list of things for the concrete guy to look at tomorrow.
One of our options was to convert the Study to a Bedroom, but that was to get the full bath on the 1st floor, BUT we want the Study still configured as a study which means we don't want the closet.  The framing came in with that wall framed for the closet - PM said no problem, it is on his list and that happens all the time...they bring in the framing standard and then go back and make changes for the customizations.

I started a spreadsheet that has each problem that we find, the date we notify our PM, the date he responds back, the date it was fixed and how it was fixed.  There is no way I could keep it all straight in my head...we have 7 items already...just a tip for others.

And now after all of that, here are the latest set of pictures...sorry they are a little dark, but it was after 8:30 when we finally were able to grab some pictures.
 Garage side - Master Bedroom wall is up with the two windows.  The rest of the space above the garage will be the 2 walkin closets and the Master Bath.  The rest of the 2nd floor framing is complete.
 Solarium side
 And oh btw, they cut out the curbing for our driveway and did the cement work to create the driveway entrance today.  I guess they will eventually take the cutout in the curb in the front of the property and turn it back into a full curb.


  1. I bet it's a whole lot easier to fix those not-plum walls BEFORE drywall goes up. We are 2 weeks from closing. Good catch!

    I love the spreadsheet idea! You are right on top of everything! (as if any of expected otherwise).

    I love the pics!

  2. Oooh you have a side walk, and you know you have the "Big Kahauna" and it's going to take them a little longer to get it finished. I prefer quality over quantity!

    I think that is a great idea about writing down the problems/issues you find and keeping them on a spreadsheet. I feel like I know need to go through the house with a fine eye and look at every detail and inspect the outside as well.

    Thanks for the tips. Fingers crossed that it doesn't rain although, I am sure home owners would love rain so they can save a days worth of water for FREE99! :)

    Can't wait to see the whole shabang!!!!!! :)

  3. LOL...the spreadsheet idea comes from being old and not having a memory like I used too :(

    @Noey - Yes you are right about the fixing before drywall, but now those posts in the basement not only have just a steel beam that could be supported by a crane while fixing, but now the whole house is sitting on those's still easier then fixing a wall after drywall..especially since you know there is almost always electric in every wall too.

    @Chelly - No sidewalk yet, but we of the downsides of a corner lot is you have to shovel twice as much sidewalk. I too perfer quality over quantity...if it means 2 more weeks to get it perfect I have no problem with that.

  4. Pics look great BD.

    By the way Noey and BD, it's "plumb" :)

  5. @Mike - You know I looked at that everytime I typed it and knew it didn't look right :) Thanks for providing the input...I usually call it "square"

  6. Nice catch BD I guess I will have to keep my eyes peeled, I sure hope I don't miss anything but I will definitely be using a spreadsheet.

  7. Good catch and awesome idea regarding logging issues. That will really come in handy. Hopefully, you won't have too many issues to log. Glad to hear that the house is progressing and the pictures look great.