Thursday, July 14, 2011

By The Light of the Moon

So the Framing crew continues to work very hard.  We drove down last night and they didn't finish up till 8:30.  The missing beam finally arrive and was install.  The 2x6s shown supporting the upper beam have now been removed.
 Framing is now complete around the Garage doors.  You can see it is starting to get dark in this picture and they are just finishing up.  By the time they cleaned up and departed it was after 9pm.  Glad we brought a flashlight and the flashlight app on the iPhone.  Huge amount of progress made today.  All windows and doors are in except for the Bay window and the basement walkout door.
 Morning Room
 Family Room
 Sunroom...upper framing panel still missing, but no where to be found...
 Back - that is the basement walkout door leaning against the morning room
 Halloween Pic - House with Moon hanging overhead
 Garage windows, Master bath window above.  That window is right above the soaking tub.  Pile of stuff on the ground is all the trim pieces for the exterior.
There is still a bunch of framing to do, but guessing they will finish up the odds and ends tomorrow.  Basement has not even been started other then installing the 4 windows.  They have come and enlarged the holes in the concrete so the 2 basement beam support posts can be squared up.  All the second floor flooring was finished up today.  Flooring in attic to support heating unit is in.  About 2/3 of the house is wrapped.  Our basement steps are sitting in the garage.  No sign of the foyer steps or back staircase.  Not sure when the exterior trim gets installed.

We meet our PM and the electrician at 10am on Friday to walk thru and go over all the electric in the house.  Our home inspector is scheduled to come out next Friday, so that leaves a very very busy week next week...HVAC, Plumbing, and Electric and I am guessing Guardian does their thing before the pre-drywall as head is spinning thinking about all of that getting done in a week, but we only had a 1st and 2nd floor framed when the week started...and it's only Wednesday!!!


  1. Holy Smokes!! That is one big house! BD's big beluga! lol

    It's absolutely stunning BD!! I love it! They work fast, don't they? lol

    And will meet with guardian BEFORE the pre-drywall. At your pre-drywall you are doing to make sure it's all wired and placed where you have specified.

    It's looking good! Glad to see they fixed your concerns too!

  2. Thanks Noey. Yes they do work fast, but I am not sure if they are keeping pace with the schedule or not. Our PM originally had us meeting with the electrician tomorrow to get him started, but after going thru the house and figuring out everything that needs to still be done he has pushed that meeting out until next Wednesday.

  3. Wow, you have soooo many windows! One of the old bloggers that bought a Waverly said she has like 50 windows! That's a lot of cleaning but all that light is going to be nice. I like your Halloween picture!

    I hope your meeting tomorrow goes well. Wow, they will probably have your brick up by next Friday!

  4. had to bring up how many windows we have and for the first time we counted them...there are 60 windows (uggh) and that doesn't count the front door or the big upper foyer window, nor did I count the transom windows in the solarium and family room or the glass doors from the morning room and sunroom and basement walkout...oh my...that sounds like a week's vacation just to clean windows...who's great idea was it to have all these windows!!!

  5. LOL I was noticing the windows too. They are lovely!! Hire someone to clean them!