Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Since my wife wasn't with me on Friday, we stopped by on Saturday thinking that they may have gotten started on the joists and 1st floor.  Much to our disappointment we found that they had not worked on Saturday.  My sister-in-law visited us today and we drove over early afternoon to show her.  As we approached the development we were pleased to see some framing work in the distance.  We drove around the development a little showing her some of the other Avalons, then headed over to our lot.  We were shocked to see the entire first floor was completed and most of the floor joists for the second floor were in place.  As we were sitting in front, a neighbor from the end of the block stopped and introduced herself.  She said that she had just said to her husband the night before(ie July 4th) that we were going to be shocked the next time we saw our house because they worked on it Sunday and Monday(July 4th)...what?????  Yes they apparantly worked both Sunday and the Holiday....WOW....that is crazy.

HW, Bitty, and Chelly....look over your we come!!!

Our 1st view of the Framing
 Solarium & Front of house
 Back of Solarium, Walkout, Sunroom
 Back - Sunroom, Family Room, Morning Room

 Morning Room, Corner of Kitchen
 Garage & Kitchen Window
 Steel Beam in Garage supporting Master Bath
 We can see ourselves sitting in the Solarium watching the sunset.
 Morning Room
 Family Room excited for this
 View out the windows standing at the kitchen sink

Our new neighbor was definitely right...we were shocked!!!


  1. That's so awesome! How long did you stay on site this time? 5 hours? :)

  2. Woohoo! And the race is on!!

    Looking good BD!! I can't believe they worked on Sunday and the Holiday too! That's amazing!

  3. Shut the front door!!!!!! I cannot believe thy worked over the holiday weekend!!! BD it is looking great and you have a nice sized yard, you can really tell once the house starts building up...Tell the truth do you have friends on the inside??? lol, just kidding, everything looks great!

    This is like the amazing race...I'm sure we will all be closing right behind each other! I'm so excited! I am more excited to see all of your upgrades in the house, in particular, the shower heads, bar, and basement fire place!!! :)

    I can't wait to see the pics from the end of the week! :) We go tomorrow to meet with Guardian for our pre-wire...I can't believe we are doing this already! Yikes, I need some time to take it all in, being as though we had been in the slow lane for so long! lol

  4. @Ranter - LOL...we took my sister-in-law over to see the model home, then drove by again and waved to the workers and headed home. We went back after dinner to get the pictures and prowl around.

    @Noey - I know...I still can't believe they worked Sunday and the Holiday and would never have known if our neighbor hadn't told us, but I would have been scratching my head trying to figure out how they did all of that in just over a half day.

    @Chelly - I feel the same way...we waited sooo long to get started and things seemed to be going soooo slow, then BAM...first floor framing is complete, 2nd floor started. I wish I could say we have inside contacts, but I think everyone is just excited to be building "the big boy"...that's what our PM calls it. I think you are right, we will be the next group of closings after the July group...the August/September crew.

  5. Yeah for you BD! It's been a long time coming!! Very excited to watch your progress!

  6. Yay! How exciting! They worked in our plan on the 4th! But not on our house. Can't wait to watch your house as it I being built!!

  7. WOWZERS! It is amazing how something that will last so long can be built so quickly. This is really an inspiration to me. Thanks for sharing especially with a person who is at the beginning of this process. I hope the progress continues at such a fast rate.

  8. Wow, that's awesome they worked on the holiday. Our PM told us that our framing and drywall crew come in from out of town, so they just come here and work through the weekends on several houses so they can get back home. Maybe it's the same near you. I agree with Chelly...can't wait to see your upgrades in place.

    @Noey...I think montanna is a spammer, I've had those same randome granite posts on my blog that were not related to kitchen posts. I deleted them. :)

  9. It is truly breath-taking. The house looks awesome. We were truly impressed when you told us that the worker bees worked on the house until 8ish on Friday and we can’t believe that the worker bees were working over the weekend and holiday. Our worker bees left on Friday around 2ish and we didn’t see them again until Tuesday morning. That is why you will probably have a house a few weeks before us. For whatever reason, our PM is stating that our house will not be ready until mid-September. We are still not sure why there will be a delay because as of right now they are still on target for end of August. It is very frustrating; however, in a way it may be a blessing because our current house is still on the market.

    Thanks for sharing…everything looks great!!!