Sunday, July 10, 2011

Some important things missing

As my last post stated the trusses should have been going up on Friday, but we had pretty ugly storms in the afternoon.  It appears as if all the second floor framing is complete.  The windows and exterior doors have arrived as well as 1 set of stairs...not quite sure which though and why only 1 of the 3.  The trusses are spread out all over the lot now...I guess to stage them for lifting into place.  1 of them was even sitting in the street which I wasn't too happy about...someone not paying close attention(ie looking at the house) could easily run over it.

We did find that the back wall of the solarium is not attached to the house...not sure if it is on purpose or not.  There also appears to be a wall section above the sun room that is missing as well...
 We were prowling around and my wife calls me over to the garage and says something doesn't look right here.  If you look closely at this picture, the steel beam is supported by 3 2x6s but it is about 3-4 feet from the side wall and about 2 feet inside the door opening...well that just won't work, but for the life of me I could not figure out how this beam was going to be supported adequately knowing that anything supporting it must span across the double garage opening.  We headed over to the model home and dug out the blueprints and found out that there is supposed to be another steel beam that spans across that will then hold up the steel beam in the picture...that makes sense, but that beam is no where to be found on site.
 And here is a question for those of you who have gotten past this point.  Does anyone know what all these white boards are for?  I am thinking maybe trim work or maybe for the solarium, but I just can't picture it.
 Front Door - Will be painted Old Colonial Red
 My wife's favorite window - this is above the front door.
And one final note:  One of the changes we made was to change the powder room to a full bath which was a standard option - Study to 1st floor bedroom with full bath, but we customized this change to add the 15-lite door back and remove the closet that gets added as part of the bedroom change...kinda crazy, but that is how we had to do it.  So I took a look at the framing for that and the closet was framed...notified PM and he said that wasn't unusual and that they would change that and he would mark it on the our pre-construction meeting we talked about taking the closet and turning it into a 5' opening...which is how we saw it in a finished Avalon that we toured.  Guess wife sees this marked out on the floor and goes:

wife:  that's not right...
me:  yes it is..exactly what we talked about at pre-construction and saw at the other Avalon
wife:  oh that won't do...I don't want any of that...I want it totally open
me:  deep sigh...that is how I would have preferred it, but not what we saw at the other Avalon which is what I thought you wanted.

Oh well...easy change and a lot less work for the dry wallers.

Next week should be very busy:  Trusses, Roofing, Windows, Doors, HVAC and Plumbing starting, and meet with hopefully the missing items show up.


  1. I'm not sure about the 2nd story thing. Maybe it's to lift things into place up there? I know we had a gap in our den for the longest time. But they fixed it. It seemed to have been there for some purpose. Never did find out what it was. They'll fix the room not connected. But it never hurts to ask when or why.

    Sorry about the garage issue. What did your PM say about the missing beam?

    Your home is already looking so big!!!

  2. Just sent our PM and email late last night. I am sure everything is fine and I am sure he is aware, just getting a little nervous with the 2 leaning posts in the basement and now a missing steel beam, although all of them are supported and nice and not going anywhere.

  3. BD, those white slats form the outer skin of your Solarium...
    Regards, Mike

  4. Thanks are right and my wife said that some of them are probably some of our trim pieces as well...I think it just threw me because they were just strewn all over the place...will have to look at them closely for damage.