Friday, July 15, 2011

Ups & Downs of Home Building

As I mentioned before we were supposed to meet with our PM and electrician tomorrow, but our PM called today to say we needed to push the meeting out till next Wednesday.  He did a walk thru of the house today and there is just too much work still to be done by the framing crew to get the skilled trades guys started.  I would agree with his assessment but I was hoping the framers came in today and waved their magic wands, but it was not to be.

He did give us the weekly update...they would be putting all stairs in today...but we only saw the basement stairs in the garage...he said that is correct because they had the nice stairs tucked away in the shed by his office...they can't get wet so they were there until the roof was on.  They were working on the tar paper on the roof, waiting for the shingles to be delivered.  Bay window would be installed today.  Basement framing and roof would be complete by weekend.  I saw 2 metal support poles in the basement that weren't square...our PM says there are 2 more.  Concrete guy will be there tomorrow to cut away more concrete for the other 2, they will square up all 4 and then the concrete guy will do his thing.  He will also do any repair work a few places on the foundation.  Next week:  HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical...also trying to get Guardian in as well.  Our Home Inspector has also been rescheduled from next Friday to the following Tuesday.  So while there is tons getting done on a daily basis, slipping those dates out was a little disappointing.

And now for the ups:  We went down tonight and as usual they were still hard at work and did not pull out till about 9:10pm leaving us to prowl around in the dark...btw...we found out from our PM that these guys have a 2 hour trip to and from our house each day.  Not only was the tar paper on the roof, but they finished up installing the shingles(surprise #1)...bay window not installed :( , foyer stairs and back stairs installed but not basement stairs, house completely wrapped, and the big surprise....drum roll...the basement framing was about 90% complete. 

Since the stairs were in we got our first opportunity to check out the 2nd floor.  I have pictures but will post them another time.  It was interesting walking around by tiny flashlight and an iphone flashlight app and trying to take pictures when you can't see what you are taking a picture of, but we got some good ones...we were extremely pleased with what we saw...the view from the 2nd floor hallway down the stairs to the foyer was really nice...even in just it's framed/unfinished state...we can only imagine the final product...It's getting there...slowly but surely.

Bitty, HW, Chelly, Ravenna have all got to be pulling further ahead of us, but in the end we are all going to have amazing houses...I am probably missing a couple more August/September close dates folks out there...oh well...time for bed.


  1. Your house is going to be sooo worth the wait!!!!

  2. Yes I agree, once it is done it will be so lovely! I told you you have a big ole house, they work on your house all day and night and they still aren't getting you up to speed. Lol, and wait until they install all of those beautiful otipons you and your wife selected. I am so looing forward to seeing pictures when they get a little closer to being completed. I'm gonna drool! lol...

    I can't wait to see everyone's homes, next month! August is going to be great! :)

  3. BD they are building an Avalon in my community as the model. It is almost done and looks so lovely from the street. When it is open I will take picture sand upload them for you.

  4. Thanks Carlito, that would be great. Always up for decorating tips too...

  5. Looks great, BD! I'm glad things are moving along, even if it's slowly.

  6. Thanks glad you are still lurking out there...we do miss your posts and great ideas...please don't be a stranger and again thanks for sharing a little part of your life with us :)

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