Saturday, July 23, 2011

Update from PM

Our PM was on vacation yesterday but sent us an email first thing in the morning.  HVAC should finish up on Monday, Plumbers should finish Monday afternoon or Tuesday, and the electrician will finish on Tuesday.  The siding and brick should be finished by Wednesday "hopefully".  Even though there were a fleet of guys doing the brick work it seems to be going slow...I know it has been extremely HOT and I am sure that is slowing them down and I know we have a lot of details on the front of the house that will slow them down, but it just seems slow, but as long as they continue to do great work like they are doing I am okay with that.

Our inspector will come in Thursday afternoon, with insulation starting Thursday or Friday.

I mentioned on Chelly's blog that our tentative date has changed to September 18th which is about 8 days later then the 85 day build cycle we were told.  I think I have said that seemed pretty agressive to me so I am ok with the change...seems reasonable to me.  This is still not an official date...will see what that ends up being in a couple of weeks.  I think they are making great progress and our neighbors keep telling us they are working long hours.  It is a big house and tons of work to do...our framing took from July 1st till mid July 16th...the framers immediately moved over to our neighbor's house...they were completely finished that house in 3 days...roof shingled and house wrapped...DONE!!!  I would not be surprised if we slide a little past the September 18th date...we will see.


  1. Hey BD! Its really coming along, and for a house that size, 85 days IS pretty aggressive! :)

    We are looking at closing in 1st or 2nd week in Sept, maybe just a couple days ahead of you. Have you started thinking about when to lock? Obama came out swinging yesterday, so I'm hoping the debt ceiling thing gets cleared up fast, but am still a bit nervous.

  2. Seems like things are really coming along. I cannot believe i took about 2 weeks to frame your house and 3 days for your neighbors! That is out of this world.

    My friend is building a home with KHOV and they break ground early august but their house is not going to be completed until Mid January (6 months). Her house is about the same size as our Courtland model.

    I think RH has you on a pretty aggressive schedule and you have a lot of custom add on's so they have to make sure they read your plans because they are not building just "any ole Avalon". :) Cant wait to see the progress and I hope this heatwave is coming to an end so that our workers can get some relief!

    My brother works at the national zoo as a parking attendant and boy I was worried about him today. (He's 18, but he is still my baby bro) . :/

  3. @Chelly - Another builder in our development started framing shortly after we did and they are still framing...1 stud at a time...they have barely gotten started on the second floor...yeah for Ryan Homes framing method.

  4. You do have a big home. Add to that the custom changes, it's going to take time. I do think it would be safe in assuming you should be in by the end of Sept.

    Sounds like it's going great!

  5. Hi BD I just emailed you. Just wanted to give you a heads up.