Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Progress Stalled

We had our inspection last Thursday and it went well.  Insulation was supposed to start on Friday...we stopped by on insulation, but instead found a gentleman installing the metal roof on the bay window...was great to see work going on EXCEPT it is supposed to be wife immediately went into freak out mode and we proceeded to barge in on our sales rep who said he wasn't sure why they were installing a white one, but for sure it would be black...still makes no sense at all to install the wrong color, but as long as it gets fixed...oh well.  The only other thing we could see being worked on was the installation of the AC compressors outside...2 of the 3 were installed...

We visited again tonight...still no insulation and no word at all from our PM, much to the surprise of our sales rep.  The 3rd AC compressor was installed, a gap in the floor in the laundry room was repaired and nothing else appeared to be done.  I was in the basement prowling around when I hear my wife shrieking...I couldn't make out what she was saying but it sounded to me like she was in distress....I went flying up both sets of stairs to find her shrieking with JOY!!!  The Moen Spa System had arrived and the components in the wall had been installed...she was thrilled!!!

Here is the picture of the wiring in the wall above the fireplace...I will try to remember to take a picture of the wiring in the hall closet and will snap pictures of what everything looks like when the drywall is done...I forget who I was asking about this.  It wasn't clear from the Guardian sales rep, but there is more in this prewire then just an HDMI line...there is just about ever possible type of cable in this bundle...even a set of RCA jacks to connect an old VCR if needed.
 This is a picture of the Guardian central wiring panel...will take another pic of everything inside when it is all done.  That reminds me...the 2 Electrical Wiring Panels are installed as well as a trench has been dug that the electric will run thru.

Here is a couple pictures of the in wall components of the Spa is much much larger then it looks on the Moen website.

I ordered these wall sconces for our dining room to replace the ones RH is providing...not sure if I ever told that story, but you might get it out of me eventually.  Progress Lighting is where all the RH lighting fixtures come from.
Since we have not had any contact with our PM since last Wednesday I am not sure what the holdup is.  I know we were supposed to have electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and structural inspections last week and I have only seen evidence of the electrical passing...maybe that's the hold up...who knows.  The house is all cleaned up and waiting for the insulation...will keep everyone posted when I hear whats up.


  1. A 2 AM post from BD, we assumed this would be a a good one. The spa shower looks good. How will you access the valve system? We should be able to access the valve system in one of the closets; however, we are still waiting for them to cut out the access and add the access door.

    As for the mistake with the roof above the bay window, it seems like an easy fix, but we agree with you - why waste the time installing the wrong one.

    It's a shame you haven't heard back for you PM regarding the hold up. I'm sure its nothing major, but it would be nice to know what is going on.

    We look forward to reading all about the sconce issue...come on now, spill the beans.

  2. Hmmm....BD up at 2 a.m.?

    I hope your rep gets back to you soon.

    I'm sorry to hear about the delays and the roof. The roof should be an easy fix. And who knows about the delays. It could have been on the sub-contractor's end. You never know. I'm sure if it were something major, you would have heard from your PM.

    Now....about that light story.....

  3. I wish I could afford a spa system like that. My wife would never leave it once she was in there. I've checked both ends of a number of rainbows over the last few months, but someone has always beaten me to the advertised pots of gold.

  4. LOL SCJ: Did you mean for that comment to sound like you wanted to get rid of your wife? It sounds like you want it so your wife will go there and not leave it. lol

  5. LOL no, but I suspect my wife would spend more time in the spa than she would with me!

  6. That Spa system is going to be oh so awesome! Get ready to RELAX, RELATE, & RELEASE...

    Hoep all of these issues get addressed soon. You're wife seems a little like me...How I did my happy dance when I saw the crown molding on the cabinents and the utter irritation that I felt in seeing that those CABINENTS were not correct. I had a mini "hissy fit" lol...

    I hope that the PM was just a little busy and that he gets back to you guys today. I am sure your sales rep will track him down and relay the message.

    It seems that the change orders that I put in during and after the pre-con meeting are the areas where the mistakes are being made. They need to update the plans on the wall that are taped. It's a little odd though because our PM is well aware of the changes that we made that seems like that might be the same thing that has happened with the bay roof, I think that may have been a late change for you all???

    Anywho GL with it...I'm sure it will be fine...

  7. was a last minute change for us, but our final change order is taped up on the windows with the rest of the plan. PM says it will be taken care of. We meet with Guardian tomorrow afternoon to take care of the speaker placement problems.

  8. Heyman,
    When they set up your central wiring panel, they'll probably install two big coax hub units, depending on how many potential TV coax plates you specified throughout the house.
    What they do not do, is properly label them, so that you know what cable is coming down from what room, nor do they terminate the unused coax connections on the hub units, which leads to leakage and poor performance.
    I would recommend getting 75 Ohm terminators and using them on all unused coax connections so that there is no deterioration and degradation of the video signals. This makes a world of difference in the stability of your wireless network and TV signals.
    What I also did was to trace each cable individually, one at a time, by terminating the coax jack in each room with a 75 Ohm terminator, and testing the resistance of all the dangling coax cables in the master panel, using an Ohm meter, and when I found the one that had the 75 Ohms of resistance, I knew that the cable I was holding was coming down from that particular room I was testing for, e.g. BR #3 or whatever. Then I labeled that cable accordingly, with a Brother P-Touch. Then I made a chart, and so I have a matrix of every cable and what room it comes from, when I have to hookup or unhookup a given room's TV. If I unhook it, I terminate that cable, at the master box end, so there's no signal leakage.


  9. BD - what EXACTLY does that spa shower do that she was so excited about?!?!

    Its really crappy that you haven't heard from your PM in nearly a week, especially with the lack of progress, and mistakes that are being made. Perhaps they sent your crew to MY neighborhood; no delays there.... :)

    I hope it picks back up, and they get that nasty white metal roof off there quickly!

  10. @Mike...That is an awesome tip. Coming from someone who appreciates high quality audio and video that would have driven me nuts, but I may have noticed since anything with a door peaks my interest, but those unterminated connectors would not have dawned on me right away...I would have been looking for connectors not tight and crappy terminations first.

    @Ranter - LOL...4 body jets and 2 shower heads with personalized temperature and pressure control will excite anyone :)

    PM sent email this afternoon. Will get with him tomorrow after I meet with Guardian to reposition some of the speakers who's placement got screwed up by HVAC using the space where the speakers were going originally. PM says we should be starting drywall by the end of this week...insulation guys better get started and kick it into high gear if drywall is to start before week's end. He also said that the cabinets, doors, and interior trim have been that is exciting!!!