Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Off and Running Again

So after a little bit of a slow week last week we are once again flying along.  Last Friday they started with the insulation and they did the Energy Star Testing/Certification on Monday...we passed on the first try which our PM was very pleased with.  He said this is the 1st time he has had a home pass on the first attempt when it has a solarium.  He said it always fails because it has so many windows.  Once the insulation was in the house was very very very HOT...up until now (even with temps in the 100s) the inside of the house has been it was stifling and the temps were in the high 80s.  Drywall started on Tuesday and they had about 40% completed when we stopped by last night.  It was interesting to see that they put the top piece of drywall in throughout the entire house and then come back and but the lower panels in...I am sure there is a reason for that, but you would think they would concentrate on a single room and get it all done before moving on to the next one...who knows...looks like they are doing a great job with it and every panel is screwed nails...all screws.  They also poured the entire sidewalk around our lot and have poured our front stoop and walkway down to the street.  Normally when you have a turned garage your walk goes from your front door across the front of your garage and connects to your driveway.  We are thankful that our walk just goes from our front door to the sidewalk in front of our house for 2 reasons...1st we actually like that better and 2nd because our house sits so close to the front of the lot it would have looked silly to have a walkway with the sidewalk only a few feet away.  Only took a couple of pictures since the drywallers were there and we were trying to stay out of their way...will get a bunch more next time.

We have an appointment to get a quote for a sprinkler system this Thursday.


  1. Sounds good, I was starting to get worried for a second since things slowed down a bit. Cant wait for the pictures, I would really like to see your brick after the acid washing since we have the same color as you. Also interested in the sprinkler quote because will be getting one also.

  2. I was wondering where you've been. lol

    Sounds like everything is going well.

    Our side entry garage's walk goes to the front door. We may add another one from the front walk way to the door too, maybe. If it doesn't look too stupid. We'll see.

    Glad it's all going well!

  3. Yay, BD's back! Glad things are finally moving along for you. I think that all the drywall up top is done at the same time because the installers walk around on their stilts - it would be more efficient to put the stilts on and keep them on, rather than taking them on and off. At least, I would imagine (now I am imagining whether they take them off for bathroom breaks. Hmmmm)

    I'm jealous that you get a sidewalk to from the front door to the front sidewalk. It makes your home look so much more inviting and friendly. Ours is set so far back from the street that it would look a bit strange. I would have preferred the house to be closer to the street, but the neighborhood was approved with a 40' setback.

    Can't wait to see more pictures!

  4. Yay! Glad things are progressing - curious to learn more about your learns with the sprinkler system. It's something i would like to explore when we get to that point, depending on how it fits in the budget..

  5. @GAPMom - we don't have a firm quote yet, but roughly you get 5-10 sprinkler heads per zone and each zone will cost in the range of $400 - $600. It also depends on what you have going on in your yard. For instance, we have a corner lot and have a sidewalk that runs along the perimeter with a good size strip of grass between the sidewalk and street. This area requires a special popup sprayer/mister sprinkler head. If you are just trying to cover a big area of lawn you can have a rotary popup that can cover a 25 foot circle. And then there are your landscape beds around the house which use a different popup sprayer. You can also get real crazy fancy with the system and little drip lines run to do things like water plants in hanging pots or plants in big pots on your patio automatically. The only way to find out for sure is to get someone out to do an estimate, but you will need to have an idea about what you want to do with shrubs and flower beds around the house and yard.

    While I am on that topic, we have a local nursery where you can take pictures of your house and bring a layout of your house on your lot and they will do a landscape design for no charge. We will be doing that this weekend as well as visiting our sales rep to find out exactly what our landscape package will include.