Wednesday, August 24, 2011

We're Back

Hi All...sorry for disappearing on you.  We all took a vacation before the final push to the finish line.    We have been on vacation in Chicago since last Thursday.  Our PM was on vacation all last week and our Sales Rep is on vacation this week...building our house has worn us all out...just kidding.

When we got home from vacation we had a letter from both the lawyer who handles the closing and Ryan Homes regarding our final walk-thru and settlement date.  Our final walk-thru is September 21st and our Settlement date is September 22nd.  I have updated the countdown timer to reflect the new dates.
So as you know we were a little disappointed with the progress on the drywall last week and from the tone of the email we received from our PM this week we think he was too..."I am back and getting these guys back into shape".

We went down to the house tonight:
Drywall is complete
Inside painting is complete, but definitely needs a lot of work
Linoleum in Jack & Jill and Bathroom #2 is installed
Tile installed in Wet Bar area
Tile installed in First Floor Bathroom
Tile installed in Sunroom
Tile for Master Bathroom is well on it's way
Tile for Laundry room is in process
Framing for stone fireplace in basement is complete
Gas line is completely run and connected to the house
Outside trim painting was being done while we were there
Rough grading has been completed
Crushed stone for driveway is in place

The garage is completely filled with Cabinets, vanities, trim and doors.  The vent covers are sitting in boxes ready to be installed.  Our dishwasher, wall oven, trivection oven, and warming tray are sitting in the kitchen area.  No sign of the Stove or Hood.  The Refrigerator is backordered.

After the above is installed the Electricians and Plumbers will be back in to do all the connection work.

We also have what appears to be damage from the Earthquake...numerous small cracks in the basement floor...none of which were there last week.  Will post more on this after discussion with PM.

MasterBath post drywall

 MasterBath with tile work started

 Access panel to Spa Shower Valve
 MasterBath Shower during tiling
 Master Bedroom

 1st Floor Bathroom post drywall
 After tile
 Secondary Bath flooring
 Garage post drywall
 Foyer post drywall and painting
 Solarium post painting
 Sunroom post painting and tiling

 Wet Bar tiling
 Outside Front


  1. I am so excited for you. Your house looks just amazing! Hope you enjoyed your vacation, and glad you're back!

  2. WOW that is one big boy of a house!! Your master bathroom...omg I would NEVER leave!!!

  3. WOW BD!!! Welcome back!! Everything looks even MORE enormous! lol And GORGEOUS!!

  4. I love your master bath! It is absolutely gorgeous! :)

  5. @absolut - Thanks...we were excited to see it since we did our selections wayyy back in January and had pretty much forgotten exactly what it looked like.

  6. Your master bathroom is too die for!!!!!!!!!! Love it! The house looks soooo good! Things are really progressing! I love your house! :)

  7. BD, speaking of the countdown clock, how did you insert it? I have one and went to "edit html" but not sure where to insert it. I tried to just pick a place : ) but it didn't work when I previewed.

  8. BD, the master bathroom looks awesome!I hope you guys had a good vacation.

  9. @WodyJ - You have to do an Add A Gadget, then select the HTML/JavaScript and paste your html into the box there. Then you can place the gadget wherever you want on your website.

  10. Your house is absolutly stunning!!! The master bathroom is huge and the foyer is beautiful. If there is one regret we have with our house, is we added a full bath to the 2nd floor, which closed in the foyer. Oh well, we hope the extra bath pays off when the kids are teenagers or even better for resale.

    We look forward to seeing the rest of the progress.