Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Locked Out

For the first time we went down to the house and found we were locked out and we just missed the sales rep at the office who was covering for our sales rep. 

This is going to be a VERY BUSY week.

Closet shelving installed
Scribing done for Granite Counters
Asphalt driveway installed
Screens installed
House number installed
Final Electrical work started
To be completed this week:
Basement toilet drain moved(off by about 4")
Hole in basement floor from having to move basement sewage pump filled in
Final Plumbing work
Hardwood flooring
Appliances installed - we were looking at the cabinet opening where the wall oven, trivection oven, and warmer are supposed to way is it big enough - PM says it will be a custom install.
Interior Trim Painting
Final Interior wall painting
Guardian coming back to finish speaker installs, move one motion detector higher on wall, and move a speaker volume control unit to a different spot on the wall
We ordered and received our Pot Filler
First cleaning - all windows will be done first - it will definitely be a full day job for multiple people

I know I am forgetting stuff...but that's all I can remember off the top of my head.

Meetings this week:
  • Finalize our Landscape design with nursery
  • Meet with Fence Company to discuss and get quote for backyard fencing - have to send plans to Architectural Review Board for the community to get approval.

Things with problems:
Custom cabinet change for island came in wrong...ordered right, but delivered wrong
One wall cabinet has a solid door, where we would like glass doors like Chelly :)
One wall cabinet has a cracked door
One base cabinet in wet bar is missing a door.
Stairs have significant squeaks
Granite backsplash on one vanity was broken...waiting for replacement - Mirror for that vanity not installed yet
15-Lite door for Study did not come in yet

Above I mentioned the Trivection Oven(Thermal, Convection, and Microwave) which is what we were supposed to get...what came in was the Advantium model (Speedcook, European Convection, Microwave, Warming Oven)...still have no clue what to do with it...hopefully we can at least figure out the microwave :)


  1. WOW! It is going to be a busy week! By weeks end it's really gonna feel like home! =) I gotta say though, I feel kinda bad for the cleaning crew. That is one big house you got there BD. lol

    I'm a bit lost on the oven.... It looks like they upgraded the stove/oven up from your upgrade. Is that right?

  2. @Noey - You are correct regarding the oven. It appears as if we will have the same model that HW is getting. One can only hope that I can figure out how to just us it as a Microwave. I still ask my wife what buttons to hit on our Microwave and it is just a simple Microwave...I think I am in trouble with this thing.

  3. I remebered when we first got locked out! lol, we went throught the garage, then they finally locked the door from inside the garage. lukily the sales office was still open. Wow things are coming are coming along nicely and like me you will are going to be busy in the next couple of weeks. It's so many things to do and people to contact. My head was spinning this week lol!