Thursday, August 4, 2011

Slow week

We meet with our Guardian rep yesterday to get the speaker placement straightened out.  In the basement, the center speaker spot was hijacked by HVAC but we got it all straightened out.  Also meet with our PM while we were there and talked over some of the issues that came up during our inspection.  While we were there our township inspectors were there doing a structural inspection.  Obviously you can't start the insulation until the structural inspection is complete, so I believe that is what was holding things up.

Our two fireplaces arrived and are in place.  Our 3 outside HVAC units are now in place and mounted to the house.  One surprise we did get was that the brick has been acid washed so it looks fantastic now.  The trim work around our front door and foyer window has been completed.  The electric and verizon cabling has been run from the box thru the trench they dug and is ready to be hooked up to the house and the trench has been backfilled.

So, yes, while it has been kind of a slow week, there has been progress.

Also, while we were there our PM took us across the street to meet our new neighbors from Texas.  They were wonderful as has everyone we have meet so far.

Thats it for now...hopefully we passed inspection and can start the insulation tomorrow.  The front concrete stoop, walk down to the sidewalk, and sidewalk may get started this week too...we will see.


  1. That doesn't sound slow. Just lots of .. trade? (is that what it is called?) Work is still getting done! =)

    Wow BD. I knew your house was huge, but 3 different HVAC systems? GEESH! You go boy! I'm glad I don't have to pay that. lol

    I'm glad things are moving forward. Sorry the hvac people got in the way of your speaker. Couldn't they just move it before the drywall gets put in? No matter what, I'm glad you got it all worked out. =)

    Pretty soon that drywall will be up! =)

  2. When you have been following blogs for as long as we have you get to know the critical path to the end date. As far as I can tell the key to the calculation of that end date seems to be completion of drywall...once that is done the date tends to get locked in and it is pretty smooth sailing from that point on. Since we were supposed to have started insulation last week and drywall should have been completed this week our end date continues to slip.

    As for the speakers, they have to be symetrical for not just the aesthetic look but for the sound quality as well and in the basement where they originally moved the center speaker to would have caused things to be totally out of wack. We moved all 5 speakers to get things re-aligned.

    We have 3 HVAC systems for the 3 zones in the house. 2nd Floor is on one, 1st floor and basement on a one, and the solarium has one all by itself. In theory, with the 3 zones we should have a lot more control and keep things running efficiently.

  3. I hope it passes inspection soon. Wowzers, 3 HVAC's!!! I smell insulation & dry wall coming in the near future...I'm crossing my fingers for late next week! :)

  4. Castanets needs a three zone HVAC in his MWRAP

  5. How exciting! Hope all continues smoothly.

  6. After the framing was completed things seemed to drag for us since the changes weren't as big after the end of each day. Hopefully the insulation and drywall will go up quickly so there won't be any delays in closing! And thanks for sharing that Sherwin Williams site the other day, that was extremely helpful!!