Saturday, August 27, 2011


I had trouble deciding what the post title should be...WOW about sums it up.

Irene - WOW - we are getting blasted by's been raining nonstop since about 1pm today and the wind and intensity of the rain is steadily increasing...praying that both houses survive this onslaught!!!

PM - WOW - went out yesterday and got extension cords to be able to run power to the sump pump to prepare for the hurricane...everything possible to protect house was done...cross fingers and say a prayer!!!

Sales Rep - WOW - we knew our sales rep was supposed to be on vacation this week...actually he was given a sales award which was a trip to Atlantis - yes Noey - your Atlantis...they got there on Monday, Tuesday they were at a congratulations/welcome meeting when they proceeded to tell them that they had to pack up and leave because of Irene - WOW!!!

PM - WOW Again - He was on vacation thru last weekend...away for 6 days and "lost 5 days on the house"...He has been cracking the whip since getting back...

drywall, interior painting, exterior trim and painting - COMPLETE
all tile work - COMPLETE
cabinets(kitchen & wet bar), vanities, doors, vent covers, bathroom mirrors(except 1) - COMPLETE
guardian speakers, motion sensors, control panels - Almost COMPLETE
family room fireplace - granite hearth and surround, mantel and trim work, gas logs - COMPLETE
railing and banisters installed on all three stairs - COMPLETE
basement walkout - railing installed - COMPLETE
interior trim - Almost COMPLETE
shutters painted black - COMPLETE
front door painted white - COMPLETE
sitting room/master bedroom columns - COMPLETE
master bath columns - COMPLETE

We walked in last night and must have said WOW no less the 100 times...we were amazed at how much got done just since Wednesday.  The garage went from being filled with stuff to totally empty.

As I was typing this up I didn't think I had that many pictures to post...WRONG....

Kitchen cabinets

 Stair Banister
 Basement Stairs Banister and Railing
 Foyer - can you tell I love this view!!!
 Secondary Vanities with UbaTuba Granite - crappy picture
 Entry to master bedroom sitting room
 view from sitting room into master bedroom
 Master Bath tile installed on diagonal...worker bee holding back protective cover to proudly show off his work
 Master Shower
 Master Bath
 Master Bath Vanity with Absolute Black Granite top - 2nd vanity can be seen in the mirror
 Mini Access Panel to storage from Master Closets
 Tile and Vanity Bathroom#2
 Walkout Railings
 Wetbar upper cabinets
 Laundry Room sink cabinet and tile
 Laundry Room Cabinets
 Black Shutters and White Front Door
 Black Shutters
 Basement Fireplace Stone


  1. WOW, everything looks beautiful! ;)

  2. WOWWY WOW WOW WOW! That is AWESOME!!! Your house continues to amaze me!! I love the view out of the foyer window! =)

    You guys stay safe and dry!

  3. I love how big your house will be :) and all the nice things in it already! Can't wait to see it all completed :)

    How did you guys do with the hurricane? I hope everything is fine.

  4. Thanks all.

    Hurricane Update: Went down yesterday and checked everything out. Horrible errosion outside, but no house damange outside or inside and no water in the basement...whew...glad that is over with...Earthquake and Hurricane in the same week...too much to deal with!!!

  5. I just have to echo everyone's wows! It's gorgeous and looks like a mansion. I can only dream of having a house like this one day! ;-)

  6. Super Duper WOW!!!! We have said it once, maybe twice, but it is worth repeating...your house is the "Mac Daddy" of all houses. It is so beautiful. You have thought of everything. We soooooo very much love the layout of your house and now that we are getting to see more of the details, it is just amazing. Glad to hear that the house was not affected by the quake or hurricane. As we watch the coverage on the TV we prayed for everyone's safety and we hoped that nobody was affected.

    If you can, can you either post or send us more pictures of your walkout. We are really upset that RH was not willing to work with us and now we plan to add it to the "To Do List" after closing...maybe not right away, but we were interested to see how your walkout may help us during the planning process. Thanks!!!

  7. Thanks all...

    @HW - Right back at have one beautiful home as well and your lot with those trees is to die for!!! Will get you a set of detailed pictures of the's suprising to hear that RH wouldn't work with you on it since it is definitely not tough to do when building a house from scratch...anything you specifically want pictures of or have questions thing you can see from our pictures is what appear to be double is actually one fixed panel and one door. We are okay with that but would have prefered if both opened up so you would have the full width of the opening...if we find it to be a pain in the future we could switch it out.

  8. I love it! Okay no thats not good enough! I LOVE ITTTTTTTT!!!!!! lol...Its looks so good BD! I mean I am trully happy for you and your wifey! :)

    The pics of the bar, made me wish we had really gotten this added. Your's looks great! The walkout goes perfect with it! I know this will be the center of entainment.

  9. We didn't push RH hard enough for the walk-out and now we regret it. We brought it up to the Sales Rep, who indicated that it had something to do with the grading. However, when we recently brought it up to the PM, he indicated that it would have been possible. We should have brought it up to the PM sooner. It is going to cost us so much more to do it on our own; however, we really want it. Thanks!!!

  10. Your home is looking absolutely fabulous, the layout is fantastic. The master bath looks so regal, love the vanity selection. Must feel great to be so close to completion. That's a lot of house to decorate, good luck and have fun with that phase :).