Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Semi-Big Reveal

We were supposed to meet the guy to get a quote for the fence.  Since it was pouring we postponed till tomorrow, but we decided to go check on the progress.  We had been there on Saturday and they were diligently working on the painting, BUT they had a very very long way to much to go that I figured they would still be painting all through the week.  Sure enough the painters were still there when we pulled we entered the garage we discover a pile of shoes at the door to the house...that's weird....well we soon discovered why....all the hardwood floors, carpets, tiles, and linoleum on the 1st and 2nd floor no longer had the protective covering on them.  The stairs had also been stained!!!  I felt like I was on one of those HGTV shows and was walking in for the big reveal...the house looks awesome and for the very first time had a finished feel to it!!!

Kitchen has had some major problems but today they made huge progress.  The opening for the stove was not big enough(off by about 1/4 inch) they adjusted the cabinets and the stove now fits.  2 of our custom cabinets for the island came in the new ones were sitting in the garage.  When the electrician went to finish the hookups for the Trivection oven, Wall oven, and warming drawer he almost let fly a few choice words when he opened the box...when he did the initial rough wiring he thought there was only a wall oven and the opening in the cabinets even looks that he has run all the wiring as needed....he is the best!!!

We discovered that the ceiling fan in the master bathroom was no where to be found...we rechecked the blueprints and sure enough it is supposed to be there...I reviewed our video of all the walls and ceilings before drywall and sure enough...there it was...sent PM email with photo of we found 3 holes in the ceiling where they were searching for it...close but didn't find it...guess they didn't use the picture.

Anyway, the painters have made huge progress since last we saw...PM is already placing the blue tape on the walls where touch ups are needed.  The floors, carpet, stairs, and tile all look are a few photos...enjoy!!!
Family Room - Not a great picture to show carpet color
 Hall at back of family room
 Solarium - So shiny and still very dirty
 Stairs revealed for the first time - first coat of stain
 Our favorite photo
 Wet Bar with black granite revealed
 Jack & Jill bath with tile and linoleum revealed
 Jack & Jill vanity UbaTuba granite
 Master Bedroom with carpet revealed
 TaDa - Master Bath tile work revealed

 Funny Picture - Hall of Mirrors
 Master Bath vanity and black granite
 Ahhhhhh - Spa Shower with digital control and remote control
 Spa Shower seat
 3 holes - In search of the missing fan vent
 Living Room into Solarium
 Niche with lighting and trim work all painted

Happy Home Building!!!


  1. I'm in love with your bathroom!! I would never leave there if I owned that bath. Everything looks beautiful, you're so close now!!

  2. WOW!!! They've been working hard! Everything looks fantastic!

  3. What an oasis you have in that bathroom. I would be in there luxuriating away. I can’t help but imagine myself sliding across that hard wood with my socks on and a button down like Tom Cruise in Risky Business air guitaring it away to some Old Time Rock-n-Roll!

  4. Now this is what you call beauty! :)

  5. I'm speechless...your house is beautiful. We love it and can't wait to see more pictures.

    the sink in the middle of the vanity, is this standard or your idea?

  6. BTW... Love the pic of the vanity in the master bath. You keep seeing it in the reflection over and over again. Really cool!

    And like others, I'd LIVE in that bathroom! lol

  7. @HW - the sink in the middle of the vanity is standard....the options we did with the vanities is to get comfort height vanities and the granite tops.

  8. Wow. Everything is beautiful! The cherry hardwood floors and the stairs are just stunning. Your house looks classy, regal and elegant. :)

  9. Everything looks great! Im curious about that one window in your master that is shorter than the rest? Is that over the morning room? Our windows are all the same size, but there is one over the morning room that is within a foot of the roof.

  10. I LOOVVVEEE your bathroom!!! I am jealous! It is gorgeous! I love the pillars! Your home looks awesome :) Congrats!

  11. Thanks won't be long now.

    @Southgate - Yes that window is over the morning room...was going to post a picture for you until I realized that none of the pictures I have of the back or the house actually show that window...I have some pictures now and will post them soon.

  12. What color walls did you choose for the house? We are building an avalon. Any advice?

  13. Toni...I sent you a private message. Congrats on building an is an amazing home. The siding color is Georgian Grey. Hope you are going to start a blog too...we would love to follow the progress of another Avalon and we certainly would love to answer any questions you might have!!!