Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Who's the Master?

The next two items on the countdown kind of go together and is definitely a place where we splurged a little.  Our two girls are all grown up and out on their own and it's time to spoil ourselves...

#4 - Master Bedroom - One thing for Ryan Homes is they do know how to design a Master Bedroom and that is usually one of the areas that can be upgraded...we went all the way and added the Luxury Owners Suite option...the result is a 16'5" x 20'11" Main Bedroom which we are adding a King-sized bed to...because we closed off the family room(instead of 2 stories tall) this adds a sitting room which is 9'0" x 14'6"...we will have a nice comfy couch with a TV in this room.  The 3-car turned garage option allows the entire Master Bath to slide further toward the front of the house which produces even more space in the 2 walkin closets...more space then we will know what to do with...lets just say that the smaller of the two is more then twice as large as our existing closet.

#3 - Master Bathroom - Oh my...can you say columns in our bathroom...whattttttt!!!!  That's crazy.  This room has been described as many things, but one of our new neighbors called it a luxury resort hotel spa bathroom...have to say we kind of agree.  6' jetted soaking tub beneath a huge window flanked by the two columns and a huge tiled deck surrounding it.  2 separate vanities...each the size of a normal double bowl of DH's favorite's...his very own vanity with tons of storage space and no sharing!!!  We were thrilled to have had the separate shower with the seat and thanks to our blogging friends HW, who's idea we copied, we have added the Moen Spa System to the shower...Digital control panel lets you control the pressure and temperature from 4 body jets and a huge rain shower head...not only can you control all of that digitally, but each of these can be stored as automatic settings for each individual and the real kicker is the remote control which you can use to activate the shower from anywhere in the room so it is the perfect setting for you when you get more jumping out of the way of the cold water that always comes blasting out first or having to stand outside waiting for things to come up to temp....perfect temp and pressure...oh my....we did spoil ourselves!!!


  1. The title of your post has me laughing! Idk why, though! Anyway, your master bedroom sounds so luxurious! The amount of space is to die for! I absolutely love columns, and they add such elegance to bathrooms.

  2. I too laughed at the title of your post! lol

    Your bedroom and bathroom are going to be beyond gorgeous! Most of us out here LOVE our homes!! But your's does tend add a twinge of jealousy to the rest of us. lol

    Your house is GI-NORMOUS!!! But it's so elegant and lovely. I can't imagine how excited you guys must be. We are all so excited for you, and it's not our house! Can't wait to see more pictures!

  3. Your house sounds like its going to be amazing! I can't wait to see pictures when its done! I just started a blog - and we just lifted the contingency today (eeeek!)

  4. So happy for you both! I'm sure you're girls will love coming back to visit you! =)

  5. SW - I'm not sure that BD will notice when their girls come to visit!!!!! :)

    BD - I'm speechless. Truly. I'm still adjusting to how long it takes to walk across our new bedroom, and I think its the 1/4 of the size of yours. At least you will be getting lots of exercise!!

    Is tomorrow closing day, finally!!???!!

  6. @Ravenna - LOL about not noticing the girls...I already lost my wife the other day when we were showing the neighbors through the house...they were laughing at me...we fear the dogs will get lost too. With the awesome kitchen we are going to need to get all the exercise we can!!!

    Tomorrow should be closign day, but not feeling too confident about it right now...PM will get superman status if he pulls this off!!!

  7. Wow BD, this journey has been trully amazing and so very helpful to me. Your house is awesome and I think you and your wifey deserve to be treated well! Your bathroom is to die for and the shower system is lovely! You no longer need to get away to have a spa like experience! You can just go to your MASTER Suite! :) Enjoy and I hope closing is not delayed too much! I can't wait to see all of your pics.