Wednesday, September 7, 2011

20 Day Countdown - Late Start

Will do some catchup here on a 20 Day Countdown, but first a couple more pictures for the reveal:

1st Floor Study - hardwood flooring finally finished - they ran short
 Living Room into Dining Room with Stairs
 Dining Room
 View from Dining Room thru Kitchen to Morning Room - It is a very very cloudy day and look at all that light!!!
 Basement Fireplace - Bucks County - stonework was just done today

And here are the first 6 items on the 20 Day Countdown!!!

#20 - Organization - Everything will have a place and there will be no more stack and pack.  The theme of these first five items is all about organization.

#19 - Craft Room - space in the finished basement to work on craft projects without taking over the kitchen and dining room tables...also a place to store all the board games, kids books, and videos we have accumulated over the years.

#18 - Space - Yes...everyone thinks we are crazy to build this large a house at this stage of our lives...we are looking forward to having plenty of room to have friends and family come over without having to sit on top of each other and tons of space to sleep over.

#17 - Closets - almost every bedroom closet is larger then the largest closet in our existing home.  Looking forward to opening a closet door and not having to jump back out of the way of stuff popping out.

#16 - Office - Having the Study/Office on the first floor is going to be fantastic.  Having a formal place to put the mail, bills to be paid, file things away, shred stuff, and keep all the office stuff organized with a real desk and filing cabinets and the computer and printer all in the same place will keep the rest of the house more organized and will save us many hours of searching where we put something.

#15 - Exercise Room - We are soooo looking forward to having a room dedicated to our health.  The plan is to have an elliptical machine, treadmill, and weight equipment.  We have speakers in the room that are linked to the whole house audio, but will be able to plug our ipods into a jack a play directly to the ceiling speakers so we can exercise to our favorite workout playlist!!!

Happy Home Building!!!


  1. Love your list, and Love your home. :) I am excited for a craft room as well and have visions of Calofornia closet desks, etc. I am so excited for you!

  2. What a great plan! I love all the organization!!

  3. Simply gorgeous! I love evrything about your home! Kudos!