Thursday, September 8, 2011

Getting Old and Media Heaven

#14 - 1st Floor Bathroom with Walkin Shower and Comfort Height Vanity and Toilet.  Hmmmmm....getting old...walkin...comfort height...Yes we are getting up in years and did these upgrades with that in mind.  We can still make our way up the stairs with our muscles aching and knees popping, but just in case down the road we can't for some reason...well we are prepared!!!  Just realized we do not have a good picture of this bathroom.

#13 - Media Heaven - not just a man cave:  You got a taste for this in the post about #15 Exercise Room.  With Guardian's help we will have Audio speakers in 3 rooms(solarium, sunroom, exercise room) and outdoor speakers for the patio all being controlled by a receiver that will be in the hall closet.  Each of these rooms has a control for controlling the speaker volume and changing the source.  This same receiver will drive the in ceiling surround sound speakers in the family room as well as control all video to the TV above the fireplace in the family room.  Wiring between the hall closet and this TV will handle just about any video source as well as a direct internet connection to the TV which is a Panasonic 55" 3D Plasma Smart TV.  A 3D BlueRay player will also be in the closet.  This receiver will be able to access the computer in the Study via ethernet connection to display photos and play video on the TV as well as play music to any of the set of speakers.  In addition, this receiver has AirPlay functionality which means we can send music directly from our iPhones from anywhere in the house to the receiver and then out to any or all of the speakers.  The receiver and all other components will be controlled with the Logitech Harmony 900 RF remote control.  For all you guys out there who constantly find themselves helping their wife get the audio/video devices set to the right input/output settings I highly recommend a Logitech remote...they are extremely easy to set up, with the push of one button you can watch TV or play a video and if it gets out of sync your wife just hits Help and it walks thru a series of yes/no questions to get things back in sync.

The Basement Man Cave will have a similar setup as the family room with a 60" Plasma with surround speakers in the ceiling and the wet bar area at the back of the media area.  The receiver in the basement is just like the one in the closet so it can access all the same sources.

The only curve ball to all of this is we contacted Verizon to arrange for installation of Phone, Fios Internet, and Fios TV and they are telling us that Fios TV is not available for our doesn't make sense because our neighbor to our left who just settled in May has it, the neighbor directly across the street has it, and our neighbor at the end of the block who also settled in May has it.  They even installed the orange Verizon tube in the ground from the street to our house when they dug the trench and ran the electric.  My wife is now multiple levels up in the Verizon Customer Support chain and they called today to say it is looking hopeful...they are sending a technician out to certify our address...if all goes well we should be good to go.


  1. Sorry to hear about Verizon. Hopefully it will all work out for you!

    Everything else sounds amazing! Not surprised though. Your whole house is amazing!

  2. Good idea in preparing for the future LOL The shower looks like masterbath material :) you guys have done a awesome job.

    Thanks BD for the tip i am back on

  3. Beautiful BD! Can't believe you're down to 20 days! (This is Megan. I haven't been able to leave comments either)

  4. Wow almost to the finish line! I love that you are thinking ahead! SMART...even in case you ever a short illness, it's nice to have a extra room and bathroom on the main level.

  5. Thanks guys...when you get to our age the future is now :)