Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Quiet Week - NOT!!!

So my much better half just got off the phone with our PM.  We thought we would probably have a quiet week, but definitely not the case!!!  Here's what is going on this week:

Today - Backfilling around foundation
Tomorrow - Pouring concrete for garage and I think the basement

Steel beams have arrived and lumber probably by tomorrow.

Framing will start mid-morning on Friday....WAHOO...Framing should take about a week and should be ready for electrician in about 2 weeks.  He asked us to be there when the electrician arrives to go over all the specifics and insure that nothing gets missed.

He also said that he will call on Thursdays or Fridays to give us updates each week and that we can send him an email anytime and he would respond same day or at worst next day.

So much for a quiet week...I should have known better!!!  HW and better keep cracking the whip because we are out of the gate and coming on strong!!!


  1. LOL GO BD!!!

    It does sound like a busy week. Let the framing begin!! lol

  2. Wonderful news!!! Your PM sounds great!!! We can't wait to see the pictures. It is soooo exciting.

  3. Yest, busy is good! Glad to see things coming right along!Our PM hasn't contacted us since our pre-construction meeting.....grrrrrrrr lol

  4. At this stage you'll see something new everytime you drive by. We used to go by a lot more when construction first started. Now it's not even once a week since we've been locked out. :)

  5. @Becky - Ask for the key from your sales rep to go in...then while you are there...unlock a window that you can crawl in thru.