Sunday, June 26, 2011

Final Change Order

Went down to see the house change from our previous visit other then another inspection sticker added on Friday - couldn't exactly tell what the inspection was for since the handwriting was too sloppy.  While we were there we dropped in to see our sales rep which worked out perfect since he had just gotten back answers on our final change requests.

So I think this is our FINAL Change Order:

Deleted the GE Hybrid Water Heater - Ryan Homes was not comfortable approving it since it is only a 40 gallon capacity and we have so many bathrooms plus the large soaking tub.  We decided to stick with the standard 80 gallon electric water heater for now and keep an eye on the technology and see what happens in the future.

Changed our siding color from Taupe to Georgian Grey
Added the Moen Shower Spa system to the master bath shower
Changed the Kitchen faucet from the Moen Collonade to the Moen Brantford and added a Soap Dispenser
Changed the Bay Window roof from White to Black - NO CHARGE - yahoo

To either side of our stove there are 12" cabinets with drawer on top and shelves below.  We changed these to the Timberlake CFO option which eliminates the drawer which then allows us to add the next option.

Add a cold water rough in to the right of the stove and cut a hole in the granite.  This will accommodate a pot filler which we will have to provide.  Moen does not make a counter top pot filler and Ryan Homes distributor was not able to get the one we wanted, so we will purchase it ourselves.

On the Gourmet Island we are removing the 2 standard 33" cabinets and replacing them with 33" cabinets that have 2 full width pullout drawers - great for storing pots and pans and large appliances(crock pots,etc) and makes them super easy to get to.

We have been bouncing back and forth on the stairs carpet runner...we decided to leave it off and see how it is...can always add it later, but would be a mess to remove if we don't like it.

So I think that is it...nothing left to do except sit back and enjoy the building of our new home!!!

Will talk with our PM on Monday, but sounds like this week will be a pretty boring week.  Will probably just back fill around the foundation and maybe pour the basement since all the below basement grade plumbing appears to have been completed which I think is what the inspection sticker from Friday was for.  While we were there we saw that the lot diagonally across the corner from ours is being prepared for breaking ground this Wednesday.


  1. You have some really good ideas with the pot filler and's like you have done this before. We made note of these ideas; so in case we decide to do some upgrades in the kitchen (a few years down the road).

    As for the concrete floor in the basement; we forgot to look to see if our floor has been poured yet. We will check it out on Monday.

    We can't wait to see more pics of the progress...

  2. Great changes! I always loved the pot fillers. We have them at the restaurant and I LOOOOVE them! Do you know if RH ever approves changes in appliances? I know it all comes with GE but I want the GE induction range and RH doesnt offer it. Hmm maybe I will ask. Will save me money down the road. I LOVE your slide outs for your cabinets. I asked for these and got my usual NO! I may have to ask for the shower too...I want it more and more with all these bloggers getting it ;)

  3. @HW - this will be our 3rd home, but most of our ideas come from our eFamily on here and hours and hours of HGTV.

  4. What happened to my post!!! I did reply BD!!! Promise!! GRRRR

    Ok...try again....

    I love the upgrades you guys have made! I can't wait to see them all!

  5. Hmmm.... You are very detailed in your upgrades! The model home that we looked at HAS pull out drawers in the island cabinets - this made me think that pull outs were standard. Perhaps I should inquire about this. They should label things like that in model homes that don't come standard, with bright pink post-its.

    In a completely unrelated subject, I'm local to you and curious about which neighborhood you are building in. Any chance you'd release that info to the world? :)

  6. @Ranter - So, typically, what you see in the model home's kitchen for the cabinets is what is standard. You are correct that the island cabinets have pull out drawers, but they are typically only the width of the cabinet door. So with the 33" wide cabinet there are two doors, but there is a center post and a drawer each side(so half width drawers). The change that we made will still have two doors, but there will be no center post and the 2 pull out drawers will be full width across the entire you more storage space and a lot more flexibility. I actually went to the Timberlake website and downloaded their cabinet catalog which is how I knew what was possible...same thing for the change we made to the small 12" cabinets...on most of the cabinets you can eliminate the drawer with a different option code. We wouldn't have been able to do the pot filler if we couldn't eliminate the drawer.

  7. Wow BD. I would have never thought it was possible to take the center post out of a cabinet that wide, and still support granite countertops. :) I think I'm cool with the regular cabinets. I have ONE 33" cabinet now, the bottom is my "pantry", the top is where ALL of the dishes and glassware go, and the pots and pans are in the stove, on the stove, on the fridge and on the wall... The new kitchen has so much space I would have never thought about making more, until of course, you put it in my head....

  8. @Ranter - We are so cramped for storage space right now it scares me to open a cabinet for fear my toes will get crushed. Our "pantry" stuff is all over the place...our new Pantry will definitely be in our top 30 countdown. I will warn you now...DO NOT look at the Timberlake catalog...way too many ideas in there.