Monday, June 20, 2011

Our House has Feet

Since the excavation finished up on Friday we were hopeful that the beginnings of the basement would be done today...we were not disappointed!!!  Couple of questions at end of pictures.

From the Solarium side - Front is to the right
Where the walkout will be
 Front Corner to Back Corner - PMs Office
 Opposite of last Picture
 Across the front
 In basement looking out the front at sunset
 Looking at large main basement area and kitchen will be above that
 3 car garage
 Black Tube???
First - Does anyone know what the black tube is for.  I am guessing it may be used to run the electric from the outside to the inside without having to go directly thru wall...just never saw this before.

Second - The footers look different then other ones I have seen.  Is this just the base of the footer and the real footer will be built up around the curved rebar or will the walls sit right on this base?


  1. YAY for progress! Too bad I can't help with either of your questions though, sorry! I have a tendency to pay attention to things that are pretty; not so much the necessary stuff from this process ;)

  2. Im curious about the black tube too. Let us know when you get answers...I don't think too many people here will have the answers : )

  3. Progress WHOOO HOOOO!!! Nope, can't answer your questions sorry.

  4. Great pictures!!! As for the black tube, no clue, but very curious. We were on vacation when they poured the our footers and by the time we got back they already had the walls ready to go.

    Thanks for sharing and can't wait to see more pictures!!!

  5. BD, that black tube looks like what they normally use for the perimeter drain tile system.
    Lke this:

    I think they'll build up the walls right on top of the those footings you already have.


  6. Looking good! You will sure do have a large lot. Things are going to go all uphill from here. The pictures look great. I cannot wait till you have lumber. :)

  7. BD did you ever ger the estimate for the spa shower? Our PM said they don't do it and warned me to stop visiting these blogs. If it is a reasonable price then I am going to press for it. What all comes in it anyway?

  8. @Carlito - Did you mean your sales rep told you that...the PM is the guy in charge of building your house, the sales rep is the one who handles all the custom requests. Regardless of which one it it is they have no business telling you to stop visiting the are free to ask for any custom modification you want and they can say no, but the sales rep should at least send the request in to the home office for them to price or reject. As for the shower spa, we have not yet gotten a price back on it, but our sales rep told us they have done that kind of mod in the past and he should know...he used to be a PM for many years before moving in to the sales role. The Moen shower spa we requested has three components - ioDigital Vertical Spa (TS295), Valve (S3384), and Remote Control (SA340)...there are other models that have different shower/spray heads, but all need at least the shower heads and the valve. I do know that HW had their spa shower approved.

    @Mike - Thanks for the info...will let everyone know what I find out. According to our sales rep they were pouring the walls yesterday...we are heading over tonight to check things out.

  9. Thx so much your right it's the sales rep.

  10. @Carlito - Please email us at and we will respond with additional information.