Thursday, June 30, 2011

Backfill, Basement, and Garage Floor

Backfill around the house - check
Pour Basement concrete - check
Pour Garage Floor concrete - check
Steel Beams and Lumber - no where to be found ???

Across the basement from Front Left or Right Rear

 Garage - across the street you can see our neighbor broke ground today - YAHOO

 Sewer Ejector pit

 Garage from driveway side

 Basement from Driveway side

 Basement from front door

 Basement from Solarium side

 Walkout with drain and vent pipe - I think

 Back of Basement from Garage

 Now that the backfill has been done our backyard looks much bigger then it did

The steal beams were supposed to have arrived, but there was no sign of them anywhere...maybe they keep them hidden somewhere till they go to install them.  Also no sign of the wood and stuff and I know that usually just sits right next to the lot...oh well, framing isn't supposed to start until Friday morning...guessing there is another inspection of some sort before that starts.


  1. Everything looks nice! Nit sure where your lumber is. When they were at this point our lumber was sitting inside the lot. Maybe it's on it's way! Hoepfully it will be there by today or tomorrow!

    BTW, your neighborhood looks really nice, it always looks so traquil. I also like the variety in of looks in the houses, white siding, light brown brick, then you all all have a red brick its going to be really nice when it's all done. I can tell. :)

  2. Thank Chelly...we are in the far back corner of the community so it is pretty quite back there. The section behind us does not even have the roads completed yet so it will be quite a while before we have neighbors behind us and behind the neighbor that just broke ground across the street is the unfinished golf course. Some of the differences in the homes is because there are 3 different builders in the community.

  3. Oh my ... it is HUGE!!!! Love it!!! Before you know it the framing will be complete and you will be passing us up. ;)

    We soooo wish we could have a walk-out, but it was not possible.

  4. Your neighborhood does look gorgeous, and your basement looks massive! When our stuff was delivered it was actually scattered around on several different lots, so maybe your lumber and beams are just sitting on another lot? It should be labeled with lot numbers if there are any piles around!

  5. How awesome is this!!! Wow congrats on the progress, your house looks like it is going to be huge-mongous and on a golf course?!?!?! Go ahead and show us how its supposed to be done LOL!

  6. That is one massive basement BD!!! lol

    I'm sure if it's not all sitting on another lot, it will drop tomorrow. =)

  7. @Carlito - The golf course developer went bankrupt when the economy tanked. About 1/3 of the holes have been completed, the pool is finished but not open, and the foundation for the club house is finished. The bank is currently trying to find a buyer for the golf course. We did not buy with the expectation of these ever being finished, BUT it will be a huge bonus if that happens!!!

  8. Eww that sucks but if they can find a buyer talk about SWEET!

  9. BD, your hole is HUGE!! They are supposed to deliver our lumber on Tuesday; watch out, we might catch up with you!!!