Friday, June 17, 2011

Taking Matters into Our Own Hands!!!

As we previously posted we were supposed to break ground on Wednesday.  The excitement was overwhelming and i left work early, swung by and picked my wife up and off we headed to see our big hole.  Neither of us had thought to call our PM or sales rep to make sure the excavation had started and much to our HUGE disappointment we rounded the corner and saw...
Yes...a big pile of stones and 4 stakes with pink streamers :(

Nothing else....the one thing to note is the little white trailer in the back of the picture is our PM's office...he will be right on top of things...HOWEVER, we were supposed to have a big hole and instead found nothing...we headed over to see our sales rep to find out the scoop and discovered that everything was ready to go but they had not yet received the permit...dang those pieces of paper... frustrated as we were, we grabbed a shovel out of the back of the car and started digging....and digging....

and digging....and digging...even made sure we had some Bud Light while we were digging...

and digging and can see we were making a little progress, but not too much...

until the permit arrived late Thursday afternoon and the Big Boys were on the scene Friday and then the Big Dig was in full swing!!!

And finally just around 5pm on Friday, the big boys put their big Tonka Toys away and we had our Big Hole that we have been waiting for...this picture is from the solarium side of the house

and this one is from the back of the house

and this was my attempt(not so good) at taking a panoramic picture of the entire lot...did a much better job when there wasn't a hole.

Soooooo....we have started and if all goes well, 85 days from now we should have a completed Avalon....Bitty and HW you better not look back cause here we come!!!!

Oh...and this pic is for LaLady...we had hoped things would be different, but here is what we found tucked in against the silt fencing...


  1. I like that...had your shovel in one hand and Bud Light in the other! Great combo...seems like it was definitely working for you!!!! You're on the move!

  2. I like that...had your shovel in one hand and Bud Light in the other! Great combo...seems like it was definitely working for you!!!! You're on the move!

  3. haha...hilarious. I love the beer.

  4. Thanks ladies and LaLady...did you see the pic just for you...the McDonald's can only hope that is the last of that and especially no chicken bones!!!

  5. haha, too funny. I bet with all of your shoveling help, they are probably at least a week ahead of schedule now. :) At least your surprise wasn't like ours...our PM told us they had finished digging the basement, and when we went to our surprise there was nothing touched. The lot signs were messed up when we picked our lot, so we were actually a lot over and didn't know it. :) Fingers crossed for no more paper delays!

  6. A hole YAY!!! I'm so excited for you guys! We've all been waiting for your house to get started.

    Lol love the pics! I guess they felt a little pressure and didn't want to be showed up by you guys so they made sure to have those permits ready to go the next day. Lol.

  7. Ha ha...thats good stuff. It would have been hillarious if you got into the middle of the hole with the shovel and just posted the shovel pics without the "tonka toys."

    Congrats on the start!

  8. YAY!!! Finally a hole!!! =D

    Love the pics of you guys and the shovels and the beer! lol NICE!

    Wow BD, I feel like we've all been waiting FOREVER for this moment for you!! Glad it's FINALLY here! =D

  9. Whoo hoo the day has finally arrived! Yours is the first blog I have seen with you guys digging the hole with the shovel and I love it! This is a great post lol on the tonka toys too funny. Congrats 85 more days to go. :)

  10. Love it!!!! So excited to hear that you are on your way too building a new house. We checked every day waiting for a post from you and started to worry. Glad to read that everything is ok.

    Our PM stated that with our custom requests; he has 100 days to build our home and plans to use every day because if he doesn't it will set that bar that he can build the house is less.

    So even though you started after us; you may win the race.

    Happy Building!!!!

  11. I'm so happy for you!!! When I first "met" you via email last summer you were still weighing your options and thinking things through, now you have a giant hole and are on your way to an amazing house! I know I've been busy, but I'll be on top of your blog for the next few months. Congrats! Great pictures. It's nice to put a face to a couple of initials, BD :)

  12. Thanks KM...I always have this feeling that you are lurking out there...the initials were fitting for us because we are both BD!!! I know you just don't comment much any more cause if you can't be the first one to comment then it just isn't worth it anymore...and even you would have a tough time beating Noey LOL...just kidding....we do miss you, but we understand.

  13. Yaaaaay! BD you finally have your hole! Your pictures with your shovel are great! You're wife looks like she is about to get down an dirty!

    I can't believe the workers on LaLady's lot are now in your development leaving their TRASH! How rude! Maybe the PM's need to supply them with some trash bags. I hope it doesn't get bad, because you have trash before you even have walls! yikes!

    You guys crack me up! Only 78 more days (based on your ticker)before you have your dream home. I am soooo happy for you! This has been a long time coming! :) I can't wait to see your weekly pics, some of these newer bloggers have their houses almost complete, the jealous days are gone and now it is time for the rise of the Avalon and Courtland! :) Ha ha ha ha (in my best despicable voice) lol