Saturday, January 15, 2011

2nd Guardian Meeting

Finalized all our selections with Guardian today.  We decided on the following:

Security System - had to add a couple of additional motion detectors to get full coverage and added the monitored smoke and heat detectors as well.

Whole house audio - decided to rock the house out...well not quite, but almost.  Have audio speaker pairs in the sunroom, solarium, Master bedroom, and outdoor speakers.

Surround sound speakers for the family room and basement.  We are putting all our audio/video equipment in the hall closet (got this idea from another blog) and running everything from there, so we also got a full wiring package to connect the TV over the fireplace to the closet equipment. This also includes an internet connection to the TV as well.

And finally, in addition to the 2 phone and 2 cable connections that come with the house we added 9 cable and 3 data cables.  We have a cable connection in just about all rooms and we added the 3 data cables to be able to connect TVs/Blueray players directly to the internet for speed.  Most of the time we will use wireless for our computers, but it's nice to have a direct connection when trying to steam video.

Thats a lot of "stuff", but we did not get the full audio package (way to big a mark up on the equipment) and the intercom was way overpriced and we did not get the central vacuum system either...would rather spend that money on a jacuzzi later.


  1. BD - we are meeting with Guardian in the next few weeks to make selections for our Savoy, so I was interested to read what you picked. There is so much available, it seems so overwhelming!

  2. It is very overwhelming. It was good that we could meet, find out all the details of what was available and how much it cost. Then take it all home and go over it and discuss it. Then get back together and write it all up. That was a lot less stressful and we felt like we made informed decisions.

  3. Hello fiance and I are going to be building a Ryan Home and from the looks of things I believe you will be our We had to reschedule our Guardian & Creative Floor meetings because a major issue arose with our lot, but we should be back on track very soon. We're building a Bainbridge Hall and we're going to be starting up a blog very soon. Good luck with everything!

  4. jennlp26...that is awesome. Will be interested to hear what the problem was with your lot. Your lot is a really nice lot...nice and deep, plus we will be right next door...LOL!!! As you can tell from our blog, you and your fiance will probably have your house built and you will be all moved in before we actually start building...unless of course we get lucky with selling house #1. Can't wait to follow your blog and watch your house being built.

  5. Hey BD...we actually chose lot 449 which is down the street from you. Lot 452 (next door to you) was also sold already. It's huge lot! We chose the next largest, but unfortunately someone else did as well. (I explained in a comment on my blog). So we weren't going to be next door neighbors, but on the same street. Now we will be around the corner from you. We saw that you are slated to settle sometime in September. So with 2 houses to sell and one to build, you have a busy few months ahead of you as well!