Monday, January 3, 2011

It's Official - We are building a house

We met with our sales rep last Tuesday to finalize the pricing and sign all the paperwork.  We felt like there were more forms to sign then when we have previously bought and/or sold a house.  We left him with questions about a bunch of other options and/or potential custom changes we might do.  We drove over to the development afterwards and attached the sold sticker to the homesite sign...YEAH!!!!!


  1. Very exciting! Congratulations. I'm jealous of your sold sign, we didn't get to do that. From what I can see, your lot looks great.

  2. The SOLD sticker was my favorite part. It's amazing how everything else flies by after that day! Congratulations, The Avalon is beautiful.

  3. J...I agree about the SOLD sticker. We also enjoyed sharing the moment with our 2 daughters who were in town for Christmas.