Friday, January 14, 2011

1st Guardian Meeting

Met with Guardian last night.  Spent about 1.5 to 2 hours going over everything they have to offer.
Security System
Phone, Cable, and Data lines
Whole house audio
Surround sound systems (everything from rough ins to complete package)
Rough ins for TVs
HDMI cables
Remote Controls - IR wall sensors and RF remotes
Intercom System
Central Vacuum System
Went thru all the options and got complete list of pricing for all.  Our heads were spinning by the time we got done.  I think it was all the $$$ signs whirling around.

Right up front before we even started we agreed that we would not make any decisions last night....just gather all the information and bring it home and decide.  We will be getting back together sometime within the next week to write up our order.  Will post again when we have made our decision.


  1. So BD.....tell us at least what you are thinking about... :) LOL

  2.'s easier to tell you what we aren't "thinking" about...that is a short list.

    No Intercom system - way overpriced
    No Complete Surround packages - Components are way overpriced.
    No Remote Controls - We love our Logitec Harmony remotes - easy to program and wife-proof

    Everything else is still on the table