Saturday, January 15, 2011

Creative Floor Meeting

We met with Creative Floor this afternoon to make all our flooring and bath room selections.

Hardwood - Living Rm, Dining Rm, Foyer, Kitchen, Morning Rm, Study, Solarium
Carpet - Family Rm, Basement, 2nd Floor, Stair Runner
Linoleum - Basement Bathroom, 2nd Floor 2nd and 3rd Bathroom
Tile - Laundry Rm, Sunroom, Bar, 1st Floor Bathroom, Master Bathroom

We have also decided on our cabinets for the Kitchen, Bathrooms, Laundry, and Bar - We have selected the Wyoming Cherry Bordeaux - darker of the 2 Cherry - some of the pictures don't give a good representation at all.

Below are pictures:

Manchester C218 Cherry Hardwood - Picture shows the wider plank - we will have the narrower plank and the picture doesn't do a good job showing the cherry color.

Cabinet Picture off Timberlake Website

Best Picture of Cherry Hardwood floor

Linoleum for upstairs bathrooms
Linoleum for basement bathroom

Tile - Laundry Rm, Sunroom, Bar
1st Floor Bathroom Tile
Master Bathroom Tile - also shows the Absolute Black Granite that will be our counter tops in the Master Bath
Carpet - Upstairs, Stair Runner, Basement

Carpet - Family Room
We also stopped by a Ravenna model that was just built to look at the bar.  Pictures below...we will have the Cherry cabinets from above with the tile(like the sunroom) from above and also the Absolute Black Granite.  We are also going to have the pendant lights.  Will also be adding the under cabinet lights in our kitchen as well.


  1. Wow! Fantastic choices! I amazed that with all the choices you had to make it went so smoothly. I love it all.
    While the style is different our cabinets look very much like yours. The hard wood flooring we were looking at is very similiar as well.
    And the bar? That is awesome!

  2. I like your choices. We went with Cherry Bordeaux kitchen cabinets and Saint Cecelia granite (absolutely beautiful)! I am not so pleased with the cabinets as they ding so easily and have knot holes in them. They say that is the issue with Cherry wood (soft).

    Also, be sure to talk to the PM on the side about adding electrical work during construction. If they let the electrician work with you, you can add extra outlets, overhead lights, ceiling fan mounts, under cabinet kitchen lights at a fraction of the cost from Ryan. Also, definitely get an outlet in your pantry for rechargeable sweepers, etc. & MBR closet for ironing.
    Good Luck!

  3. We are probably also going with the Saint Cecelia granite as well.

    Thanks for the electical outlet suggestions...we have seen some on other blogs as well...we are definitely adding under cabinet lighting, ceiling fan rough ins, and an outlet in MBR closet. The outlet in the pantry is a great idea. We are adding power to the hall closet as well to put our audio/video equipment in and one above the family room fireplace for the TV we are going to mount there. We have 2 vanities in the Master Bath and we are having each duplex outlet changed to a quad outlet...plenty of room for toothbrush, razor, hair dryer, night light, etc.

  4. Hi - love your selections! We are just starting our process as well in Ohio. We considered the Avalon but ended up choosing the Waverly.

  5. We are anxious to see what your Bar looks like, if its any different than ours! Our Sales Rep gave us another picture of one that was just built since there are none in our area. We are about to post it.

  6. Okay, I have one more comment about the flooring. After living almost two months in our Avalon, I am soooo glad we had chosen the Gunstock wood floor with our Cherry Bordeaux cabinets. We also have the entire first floor in wood except for the study (don't have Solarium either). All of the neighbors with the darker floors can't stand that EVERY piece of dust is seen on their floors. My floor rep counseled us to not go dark since we have children. I can't tell you how happy I am with the choice not to go dark (although it is really in style and truly beautiful).

  7. nice to hear from an Avalon owner. We fell in love with the layout from day one. Hopefully it is everything we are hoping for. Our daughters are grown and live on their own now so hopefully the dark floors don't drive us crazy. Any other pointers regarding the Avalon would be greatly appreciated.

  8. Okay, other things we added that I am pleased with: A hole drilled in the granite on the counter next to the wall oven with an outlet in the back of the cabinet. I planned on making this my baking area or small mini office I didn't want a bunch of cords showing. I love my Elevation A with Dormers and full front porch with metal roof. It stands out against all of the other brick homes in the neighborhood. Shh..don't tell my neighbors but everyone tells me it's the prettiest house. A pot filler faucet above the cooktop for my disabled daughter to fill pots, but it is really awesome to use for me! Definitely ask for a price (once you are in construction from the flooring co.) to seal your grout as they may use an incredibly long wearing sealant. This saved us hours of work.

    Honestly, if I had another home to live in and I didn't have kids to get settled, I might do what our neighbors are doing: Get the basic, standard flooring, tile, etc from Ryan and rip it out and have the wood floor done on sight. So many boards were delaminating and split which they replaced and I can definitely see this being a problem in the future with these prefinished wood floors. It's cheaper than the builder and you get to choose your product with higher quality if you so desire.

    Also, the wood guy came by for the 30 day and told me to keep using pledge type of products on my cherry bordeaux as this will give it more protection from the dings as it forms a protective layer.

    When you move it, buy rolls of pink Rosin (sp?) paper and the clear plastic adhesive sheeting in rolls for your carpet. It looks like a big thing of Saran wrap. It protects your investment during move-in.

    Take care!

    I saw the model home you used was the one near us. Are you building in MD?

  9. We are in Delaware, but the MD model was the closest Avalon model we could go look at. So glad we drove down over a year ago and saw it. We went back recently to take some detailed measurements and discovered that while they still have an Avalon model they had sold the original one and the new one does not have the solarium or sunroom. It was still worth the trip down as we saw that the family room area was carpeted and the kitchen was hardwood and we really like the way they looked together. We originally were going to do hardwood in the family room too, but that changed our mind.

    Thanks for the tip on the cabinets and the carpet protection for move in. I certainly hope we don't run into problems with our hardwood floors...we have a lot flooring. Also, the tip regarding the grout sealing being done by the floor company is a great idea...that was one of those tasks I was dreading when I found out that Ryan Homes does not do that. Will definitely investigate that.

    I do love the A elevation with the full front porch. The development we are building in has one exactly like yours. It was built about 5-7 years ago and I noticed they just removed their porch roof and it appeared as if they replaced it with a vinyl product. It looks really nice but I am guessing they must have had problems with their original one. We picked elevation C primarily to get the extra 2 feet in the dining room.

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