Monday, February 7, 2011

2nd Creative Floor Meeting

After our first meeting to select our carpet, hardwood, and ceramic tile we got home and both my wife and I said that we really like the 3 1/4 inch wide plank hardwood instead of the standard 2 1/4...the sample in all our pictures is the wider plank.  We batted it around quite a bit.  I happened to mention it to our sales rep and he told me it was up to us, but that it sounded to him like we were having second thoughts.  He suggested we schedule another meeting to see all the options and compare them side-by-side.  We agreed, so back we went.  After looking at all the hardwood upgrades(which we didn't do the first time) we decided to go with the wider plank.  We both walked out very happy with our decision.

Still waiting on a few more custom quotes, then we have to setup a meeting with our sales rep to go over everything one more time and finalize all the numbers...I believe we still need to go through and finalize our selections on lighting fixtures, adding some electric sockets, upgrading some lighting to recessed, and some additional odds and ends.


  1. The things you do for flooring. Have fun with deciding on your final options

  2. wider planks!!!! yayyyyyyy