Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tribute To ThrifyAmy

This post is a tribute to ThrifyAmy.  A little over a year ago my wife and I were entertaining the idea of building a new house.  We had looked at numerous different builders and developments one weekend and I was digging around on the internet researching builders when I stumbled onto this blog written by this person called ThriftyAmy.  Her blog was the lone diamond in the rough(tons of bad press for Ryan Homes).  As I looked closer I quickly realized that 98% of the bad press was from 5 to 10 years ago so I decided to keep Ryan Homes on our short list.  The following weekend we drove down to Washington and looked at a Courtland and Avalon model home and fell in love with the Avalon.  Meanwhile, ThriftyAmy continued blogging away and soon another blog appeared and then another and another and another.


We have you to thank for all this wonderful information.  Great ideas have been shared.  Problems have been shared and solutions provided...all within this ever growing Ryan Homes blogging community that you, ThrifyAmy, got started!!!

ThriftyAmy...I thank you for making the time and supplying the energy to get this all started.  At this rate, you may have spawned 100 blogs by the time we get to 2012!!!!


  1. I second that! These blogs have been so helpful, motivating, and supportive! It helps to know others are experiencing the same thing i am so I don't irritate the heck out of my co-workers, friends, and family that may not want to hear my every day on and ons about a pile of dirt and a stack of wood beans.!

  2. Yes, thank you Amy for helping all of us and it is so neat to see all of us ryan home bloggers out there sharing ideas, sharing our stories on every step of the way. The blogs do help and reading the blogs really helped my husband and I to make a decision to build with ryan. Thanks again thriftyamy.

  3. OMG BD!!! My eyes are welling up with tears!! *blush* NEVER in my wildest dreams did I think my little blog would turn into this huge community of Ryan "e-neighbors". I had my share of skeptics and bullies when I started, which was a little discouraging but expected, but then there were words of encouragement and support from many of you to keep the blog going. Every time a new blog pops up I get that feeling in my stomach when I first started my journey with Ryan - a mix of excitement, nerves, and apprehension. But when I started, there was no one else to share those feelings with who knew what it was like. I'm so glad BD that you enjoy what this has all become and you are always "talking" to us in our posts. And thank you BD, and everyone else who has contributed to my blog and the other ones out there. It's a pretty neat little family we are all a part of!!

  4. I have been following this blog for the past 5 months, following everyone's story, the ups and downs and although I don't post since I don't have the time, it was all of you who persuaded us to go for a Ryan Home, we have had only the best experience as we build our dream home in MD and want to say thank you to everyone but especially to Amy-- who began it all.
    PS- Do you realize how many other "background lurkers" this blog has and how many decisions have been made based on your integrity and fascinating stories..!!
    Way to go!!

  5. This is so nice! I cannot express how helpful these blogs have been to me as well! When my Husband and I decided to go with Ryan, we felt really alone and scared! Becoming part of this community has made the process sooo much smoother! Thanks ThriftyAmy adn everyone else who is sharing their stories! :)

  6. @Elie...I have always assumed that there were lurkers out there. I have over 5000 pageviews and I have seen other blogs with 2 to 3 times that many. You don't have to have your own blog to participate...feel free to ask questions and add tidbits of your own experience, especially if you think it might be helpful to the rest of us. I have probably at least a dozen upgrades included in my home that I never would have thought of without someone else first mentioning it...things like outlets in master bedroom closet, insulated garage, and audio/video equipment in the hall closet...just to name a few. Join the fun and don't just lurk around...we won't bite and we welcome your thoughts and ideas!!!

  7. deserve the praise and you should feel proud of what you started...

  8. BD!
    Thanks so much for the invite! You are right of course and I will try and send some of my own tips-- for instance, today, we just finished having a pre dry wall walk-through inspection with my own inspector-- and it is well worth the money!!!
    I completely trust Ryan and my PM is a true gem.. however, the workers are not always supervised and can make careless mistakes and therefore-- another set of eyes is well worth it..
    What my inspector caught was:
    1) The sub floor was raised at the seams, probably due to the enormous amount of rain we had..and before a roof was put on..
    2) Ceiling speakers are not aligned properly.
    3) Right side of fireplace is missing a "nailer" (anchors the fireplace to the wall..)
    4) The tub in the master bathroom is not level or platform is not level.
    Thats it. Not huge issues but good to catch in time.. and we did!
    Our PM was very obliging and these are the solutions:
    1) Sub floor will be sanded down at those thickened locations..
    2) Guardian will realign the ceiling speakers
    3) Nailer will be added to fireplace.
    4) Tub will have to be realigned -- might be a problem since its already been placed in cement.. in which case I will be watching very carefully if any cracks appear on the tub when they anchor it back in..
    So, I hope this helps others when deciding if it's worth while to have your own inspector.. I'll update as they occur..!

  9. Thanks Thrifty Amy! You're the bestest! and BD that was very thoughtful of you, but very fitting for Amy! :)

  10. Just an update to my post from above: All issues have since been resolved (except for the sub floor which will be resolved once they do the floors..)
    The tub has been re anchored with no mishap, and my PM was there to supervise.. :)
    The speakers and "nailer" have been taken care of..
    Love reading your posts!!!
    Take care!