Saturday, May 7, 2011

Fireplace Stone, Bar Beverage Center, And Neighbors

First I would like to thank Shara for posting pictures of her fireplace.  I must say I was a little jealous since I really like the Bucks County ledgestone that she has.  We went to see our sales rep today and he took us in to see the fireplace in the house that is being built on the lot next to ours.  We loved the stacked stone look and the color was really nice, but I still liked the Bucks County better, but was willing to accept what we had selected.  We went back to the model to take a look at the new samples they had just gotten.  Guess of the new samples is the Bucks County ledgestone...another change order is in the works.

We also got a quote back on the Beverage Center like the one in the model's a GE Monogram Beverage Center (Model ZDBC240NBS).  Here is a link to it: 
I must say, mine will be filled with beer and wine...not soda and juice!!!  This one is much nicer then the original one that was included with the a word of caution...make sure you inquire what model beverage center is included with the finished may or may not be the one that they have in the model.

While we were talking to our rep about things in general another couple came in.  Turns out they are our new neighbors...a very nice young couple with a boy and two girls.  It also sounds like the lot across the street from us may be on it's way to being sold.  Paperwork not signed yet, but there is a hold on the lot.

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  1. Yay! So happy you are getting what you want for the fireplace!

    And nice catch on the beverage center. Beer and wine....MMMMMM