Sunday, May 22, 2011

House #1 Sale, Final Change Order, Date Change

We have had a very busy couple of weeks:

My wife brought in 4 companies to quote us on moving stuff out of house #1 and store till we move in the new house.  As always, she did a great job negotiating (ThrifyAmy you would be proud).  Good price on the moving/delievery and she negotiated for 3 months free storage!!!

All inspections went smoothly on House #1, no surprises.  Settlement was Friday and went off without a hitch....yeah!!!

Met with our sales rep and did our final change order...imagine that...finally!!!  Here's what we changed:
Changed our brick color again(3rd or 4th time I think) - It's now the darkest red - Commonwealth
4 more stone samples to select from - 1 of the new ones was nice, but stuck with the Bucks County
Decided to tile the whole area where the bar will be
Master Bath tile will be installed on a diagonal to give it a unique look
Added the Tray Ceiling to the Dining Room - I've always liked that...I knew my wife would finally decide to do that - she thinks it was all her idea...what she doesn't know is I have been whispering "Dining Room Tray Ceiling" while she was sleeping...LOL

And the best news of all....we moved up our ground breaking date.  Preconstruction Meeting is this Wednesday and we should break ground Wednesday June 1st or worst case June 8th.  We are targeting the last week of August for settlement...that will be very room for slippage...sales rep says it is an 85 day build process...needless to say we are both sooo excited that the build process is finally here.  Even our sales rep commented that when we first signed the contract in December, the June start seemed a long way off.

We are targeting July 1st to have House #2 on the market.


  1. have 2 homes to sell? WOW!! GL!! I can't imagine what that must be like.

    I love the changes you made!! AWESOME!!! And kuddos to you wife for getting such a great deal on movers! =)

    And it's great news they are moving up the start date too! WOOHOO!! Great news all around!!

    GL!! Keep us posted!! I can't wait to see pics!

  2. I love tray ceilings I think they really make the house look more elegant. It will really look stunning on your house.

    Congrats on the house number #1 being sold and I hope the second house will also be sold as fast.

    Wow, only 85 days that is pretty quick. Time does fly. Pretty soon you will be living comfortably in your brand new house!

    Pretty sweet deal getting 3 months of free storage, Wheee. Gotta love that.

  3. @Noey - Yep 2 wife is an ace when it comes to staging...House#1 looked like a model home when she got done with it.

    @Stephanie - Our rep said that most house are in the 60-70 day range...the Avalon and especially the configuration we have takes longer...85 days seems very agressive to me, but we will see...hopefully we get good weather the next few least till we get thru the foundation and framing stage and get a roof on it...then it's all business from there!!! Right now there 2 homes under construction...1 settles next week and the other isn't far behind it, so as of right now we should have the full attention of the crews...or so I hope...there are at least another 10-12 homesites that have sold already.

  4. Great news!!! You house is going to be awesome. I can't wait to see the pics. You are too funny with how you got your wife to go along with the tray ceiling the dining room. We are going to be on the same schedule. We plan to break ground on 06/01 and should be done around mid Aug/begin Sept.

  5. Hey, you mentioned that your wife did a good job finding movers - do you think she would be willing to share any of her wisdom with us? Does she have a list of questions or direct us to any helpful on-line resources? Around mid-June we plan to start contacting movers for estimates and we are pulling together a worksheet to help us keep organized.