Sunday, February 5, 2012

Wow - 3 Months Since Last Post

We certainly never figured it would be this long since our last post.  Will try and catch everyone up on what's kept us busy.  We had Thanksgiving and Christmas at our house.  We also hosted a Christmas Party for DH's work friends.  Our daughters were both in at Christmas time so that was a special treat.  DH got a special Xmas gift(picture later)  The sprinkler system, landscaping, hardscaping, and lighting are finally completed...other then the lighting will have to wait for spring for pictures.  A good portion of the 30-day inspection list is complete, but there is still another chunk to get done.  Hardwood Flooring update...not much to report here...the Bruce Hardwood rep was out just over a week ago and took all kinds of measurements and photos.  We have a ton more cracked boards then we did right before Thanksgiving.  He has submitted his report to their corporate office.  We think the result is going to be rip all the hardwood flooring out and redo it all.  Other then the cracks they really do look great.  We got a new computer hutch and file cabinet for the study which very closely match the antique desk that we have.  We got a table for the basement media area that has one side that lifts up with storage also has 2 stools that slide out from underneath that each have storage in them too.  We purchased 4 barstools for the basement bar.  All of the blinds have finally come in and are now installed.
Family Room Fireplace
 Hutch with Crystal Figurine collection
 Xmas Tree in Solarium with Murphy in front...Toby wouldn't sit still for the picture
 Solarium shades and furniture - Wine Frig in corner from Costco.
 Xmas Decorations and Wine Bar

 Basement with new table

 Xmas Village has a new home
 Basement Fireplace and backlit shades
Basement Pub table with mirror
Foyer Hall Decorations and Grandmother's Desk
 Bedroom #3


 New Computer Desk and File Cabinet

 Vase with flowers
 Another beautiful sunrise - this view never gets old :)

 You can see the new fence out the window
 House accent lighting

 We got our new fence and quickly discovered that are smallest dog(Toby) could twist his shoulders and get through the fence.  We definitely did not want to have to run chicken wire along the bottom and instead found Puppy Bumpers online and purchased two of he can't fit through the fence and we are all happy again.
 DH's Xmas Present - we were sad to see the Suburban go after 11 great years, but hubby doesn't miss it too much and with the very mild winter we have had he has had numerous top town driving days...including one last week.

That's all for now...hopefully it is not another 3 months before we post again.


  1. Your home is so lovely! (and it's still huge! lol)

    It must have been nice to have the girls home for the holidays. =)

    I have never heard of puppy bumpers before, I'm going to have research that one!

    I love the new car! What kind is it? Very sleek.

  2. Love the pictures and you guys have done so much! Pictures from us are coming soon. We are having things done and I think we we are going to have painting done (can't wait). Stay tuned!

  3. Beautiful! I especially love your staircase. We may have to look at puppy bumpers for our 7lb yorkie when we put our fence in this spring.

  4. The accent lights on the front of your house look amazing! What kind of lights did you use?

  5. Hi Christina and John....welcome to the Ryan Homes blogging eFamily. Thanks for the comment about the accent lighting. We are using lights from Cast Lighting ( They are on the expensive side, but way more durable then the box store ones. Should be a one-time investment. All of the lights are the LED type and the fixtures are solid bronze.

  6. Hello again! This is "Christina & John" --- I updated my profile name and started a blog myself! Thank you for the information. I will definitely have to look into those when our house is built. Yours is beautiful by the way! We are building the Yorkshire. Looking through other's blogs, like yours, is super helpful during this process! That is why I have decided to start my own.

  7. I have enjoyed all your pictures, not too many Avalon's on blog! We have something in common...empty nesters! In searching for any information we could garner about the Avalon we discovered blogs and I decided it was a great idea. I can't seem to get your blog added to my blog list. I haven't been able to figure it all out yet!!

    Can't wait to see more pictures!!!

  8. Can you tell me the stain of your railing? I love it with the cherry floors, we are doing the wider plank cherry in a Venice and I thought all the darker stains looked purple and the cherry was too light! Let me know that color I obsolutely love it!

  9. Hi Rachael...sorry for the delay in getting back to you. The railing stain is Cherry. We have the Oak Stair with Oak Handrail and the Direct set white balusters. Not sure if that is an upgrade offer for the Venice. Regardless, they should be able to find a stain to match pretty close to the flooring. Good Luck.