Thursday, December 16, 2010

Just getting started

Not much to post yet.  We have been in preliminary planning stages for a very long time now, but yesterday we finally decided to pull the plug and take the big leap into building a new home.  We met our sales rep at the development yesterday and picked out our homesite.  Then went back to the office and spent the next 2 hours going through and "configuring" our new home.  We have decided to build an Avalon model which has many many options and configurations possible.  We are waiting to hear back from our sales rep on what the price will be.  Once we lock in the price I will provide the details of the configuration we have selected...lets just say that when printed out it was more then 1 page of legal sized paper.

We have never built a new home.  We currently have 2 houses to sell and the new Avalon to build.  2011 is going to be a crazy but fun year.  We won't start the building process for a while yet or at least until house #1 is sold.

Here is a link to  Ryan Homes Avalon interactive design page.


  1. Baller!!!!!!! LOL No Seriously...congratulations!!!!!!

  2. I've been wondering if you had decided yet or not :) Congratulations! I'm so excited to have another blog to follow. Hopefully the prices I gave you weren't too far off the mark from what you were quoted.

  3. congratulations!!!!! looking forward to following